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Welcome to our forums, which we hope you find helpful and enjoyable. Here are some important guidelines to bear in mind:

  • Please avoid bad language, aggressive posts and personal attacks.
  • Always show fellow members respect and courtesy.
  • No commercial postings are allowed, although we welcome personal product recommendations and experiences.
  • You must also refrain from referring to health professionals by name as any such posts could be libellous.

Use of our forums constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of the Rules and Guidelines



Make new mum friends here. Share advice and tips with other parents.
Newbie FAQ's
Not sure how to use the forums? Don't worry -here are some simple FAQ's to get you started.

Getting pregnant

Fertility treatments
Medical or natural, did fertility treatment work for you? Share your experience with others.
Trying to conceive
If you're trying for a baby, discuss your thoughts and feelings here.
TTC after losing a baby
This can be a stressful, lonely time and it may help to talk to other women who are going through the same.


Baby shower
Organising a baby shower? Need some help with gifts or ideas? Discuss it here.
Caesarean births
If you've had a caesarean, have been advised to consider one, or plan to have an elective, talk about it here.

Due in Month

Talk through your thoughts and feelings with other mums due the same month as you.

  1. Due in January
  2. Due in February
  3. Due in March
  4. Due in April
  5. Due in May
  6. Due in June
  7. Due in July
  8. Due in August
  9. Due in September
  10. Due in October
  11. Due in November
  12. Due in December
General pregnancy
From antenatal tests to varicose veins, this is the place to discuss anything to do with being pregnant.
High risk pregnancy
If your pregnancy has been diagnosed as high risk, talk about it here.
Home births
Planning a home birth or didn't make it to hospital in time? Share your home birth thoughts and experiences here.
Multiple births
If you're expecting twins or more, here's where to meet other mums-to-be like you.
Older mums-to-be
Consider yourself to be an older mum? Talk about the issues right here.
Pregnancy after losing a baby
Talk about your experiences with others who may know how you're feeling.
Single mums-to-be
Make friends and discuss the things which may affect you during your pregnancy and as a single parent.
Younger mums-to-be
Chat online to other young mums like you.
Baby names
Discover new baby names here. Share and discuss names that you like or dislike.

Dad's zone

Calling all dads and dads-to-be: get together here for a men-only chat and fatherhood fact swap.

Baby to Toddler +

When you've had your baby, why not meet up with all your Bounty forum due in mates and their tots right here.

  1. 0-3 month baby
  2. 4-6 month baby
  3. 7-12 month baby
  4. 13-18 month toddler
  5. 19-24 month toddler
  6. 2+ year olds
From eczema to vomiting, share tips and advice on infant ailments here.
Baby recipes
Exchange those first weaning recipes here. The Department of Health recommends exclusive breastfeeding for your baby's first six months.
Bladder Weakness / Pelvic Floor
45% of women experience bladder weakness since childbirth. You may find it helpful to talk to others who share your experience. For further advice click here.
Bottle feeding
The Department of Health recommends exclusive breastfeeding for your baby's first six months.
The Department of Health recommends exclusive breastfeeding for your baby's first six months.
Eco-friendly parenting
Swap ideas on topics such as real nappies and recycling.
Military mums
Make friends with other Military members like you.
Mums near you
Get in touch and make friends with local mums.
Older mums
Consider yourself an older mum? Here's the place to be.
Potty training
When to start, how to do it. Share tips right here.
Premature babies
Share your experiences with other mums here.
Single mums
Talk to other mums about the issues that affect you.
Special needs
Whatever your child's special needs, get support from other parents who are dealing with the same issues here.
Student parents
Chat to other student parents here.
Is baby gnawing on everything, drooling everywhere and crying all night again? Share teething tips here
Toddler recipes
Share your favourite toddler meal ideas, and exchange tips on dealing with those fussy eaters.
Twins or more
Talk to other mums about everything from double buggies to making friends.
The Department of Health recommends that you start weaning your baby at six months.
Discuss and share Childcare topics with other Mum's.
Toilet training
Having trouble getting your child to use the toilet? Talk to other mums for support and advice.
Younger mums
Talk to other young mums about the things which affect you here.
Discuss this topic with other mums and share tips and advice.
Past Due in February 2013
Keep in touch with the mummy friends you made when you were pregnant.


Baby loss
If you have lost a baby, you may find it a help and comfort to talk to others who share your experience. For further advice click here.
Birth trauma support
Give support, share experiences and advice to other parents here.
If you have lost someone close to you, you may find it comforting to talk to others with the same experience. For further advice click here.
If you feel you may be depressed, don't suffer in silence, get support from others here. For further advice click here.
Domestic violence
Feeling frightened and vulnerable? It may help to talk to others who may give you the confidence to seek help. For further advice click here.
If you have miscarried, you may find it helpful to talk to others who share your experience. For further advice click here.
Post-natal depression
Up to half of mums suffer with post-natal depression. Talk to each other here for help and support. For further advice click here.
Have you had, or are you considering a VBAC/HBAC? Meet like-minded mums for advice and support here.

Family time

Large Families
Talk to other Mums with large families, sharing tips and advice while making new friends.
If you're interested in adopting, or are already adopting, discuss here.
Family travel/leisure
If you've had a brilliant family day out or holiday, recommend it to other parents here.
If you're interested in becoming a foster carer, or are already caring, discuss the issues here.
Nutrition & Recipes
Share your favourite meal ideas and exchange cooking tips here.
School-aged children
The curriculum, making friends, dealing with bullying, school trips. Whatever the topic, discuss it here.
Step families
The 'nuclear family' is history - one in 10 families are now step families. Talk to others here.
Working Mums
From nannies to nurseries, CV tips to confidence and self-esteem. Plus, the ever elusive work-life balance.

For you

Express your creative side.
Book club
Turn over a new leaf and have some easygoing literary fun.
Buy, sell or swap baby items right here and now you can display/view items for sale in the new Bounty Photos. Please note we advise the use of a payment provider such as Paypal for all transactions with other Bounty members.
Celebrity gossip
Everyone loves a good gossip, so sit back and enjoy.
Mingle with others who share your passion for the Festive Season. Merry Christmas!
Money matters
Share your tips or ask other members advice on how to handle your money, tax and benefits and talk about all things money and credit crunch.
Have your say, start a debate, discuss the news or let off steam but remember to keep it friendly.
Get motivation and support here. The Department of Health recommends that you do not try to diet until six months after your baby is born.
Share your skincare, make-up and wardrobe tips.
Telly addicts and film buffs: this is the place for you.
General topics
Have a good old chat about anything here.
Giving up Smoking
Are you trying to give up smoking? If so this is the place to get advice and help support fellow members.
Take time out for a bit of laugh.
Share tips to spice up your love life.
Special offers/competitions
Save money and share discounts/coupons/competitions. Strictly no selling.
Have you entered your child/children into a Competition? Post and ask for votes from member's here.
Need a bit of help and advice on planning your big day? You'll find it here.
Product Reviews
What products can't you live without? And what wouldn't you recommend? Share your tips and experiences here.

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