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what makes some houses dustier than others?

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8/1/10 14:43

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Now I really like my house but crikey it gets so much dustier than my previous one (which i didnt like as much). I find I am constantly dusting...

what do you think makes some houses so much dustier than others? Is this an obvious  thing I should know?

  1. 8/1/10 19:16

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    In my old house it was bad and had to be done every few days, this house is the same age and i have been here 2 years and i could not tell you where the duster is, Lots of cobwebs but no dust.

    In rugby it depends how close you are to the cement works, I am pretty close in that i can see it out the back door but it tends to 'dump' dust further away, so i dont mind so much.

    Also this house is very empty of clutter and ornaments etc so think that helps to.

  2. 8/1/10 17:48

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    My cottage is horrendous for dust - I have to damp dust every day, sometimes twice a day  

    I think it's partly having 2 dogs, partly having interior stone walls, and having no kitchen floor. The builders left in July but the dust is still horrendous. I was told it can take 2 years after having building work done to get rid of all the dust.

  3. 8/1/10 17:25

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    My sister, wherever she has lived is ALWAYS dusty, she has soooo much cr@p though and it gathers dust like no-ones business.

    Where I live I have to dust maybe once a fortnight or once a month depending. I live in a high rise block of flats, it's just me and DD so I guess the less people the less dust.

    I've never really thought about it before! Weird lol

  4. 8/1/10 17:20

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    We have more dust if the wind blows a certain way, 20 miles away on one side is a cement factory and when the winds blowing right (or wrong) we get white dust.... we also have alot of rapeseed fields so when they're pollenating which get oloads of dust from them too...

    We have mostly natural wooden (cheap) furniture so the dust isn't as noticeable as when we had polished shiney wood or mdf stuff...

  5. 8/1/10 17:15

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    We have central heating and a wood burning fire. I guess the fire would contribute to the dust.

  6. 8/1/10 17:11

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    my fire creates no end of dust in my dining room, i wipe everything down in there with a damp cloth everyday, upstairs doesn't get that dusty so i'm putting it down to the fire. i find new builds tend to have alot of dust from the plaster.

  7. 8/1/10 16:57

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    Could it be something to do with the type of heating you have? Im sure I hace read somewhere that centrel heating creates more dust, although Im not sure why, Could it also be something like what the house is made of?

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