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Anyone else overdue?

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First post in thread.

12/1/13 16:37

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I am 40+4 today and feeling very impatient and bored! I just want something to happen! xxx Arrrrrrgh!!!

  1. 12/6/13 19:34

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    I'm 41+4 and not being induced for another two days. I'm unbelievably fed up! This is my third baby and I have never been this late before so it was completely unexpected. I have had two sweeps, and my plug has gone but nothing else is happening.
  2. 10/6/13 13:01

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    Pregnant woman type thingamiedaniel

    i ended up being 15 days over due with my little girl... shes 14 month now...
  3. 16/5/13 15:53

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    Hi, my baby was 40+4 (she's 5 weeks old today) and I was seriously fed up to the point where I tried everything; raspberry leaf tea (to soften my uterus), pineapple juice, walking, spicy food, sex and I nearly gave up. I too bought the gym ball and wouldn't stop bouncing for about 2-3 days. My labour started at midnight on the 10th April and I had her the next afternoon on the 11th. I highly recommend it
  4. 27/3/13 09:15

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    Hello. I was overdue 8 days. I was so fed up and there was one thing that helped the labour to start. I bought the bouncing ball and for two days I was jumping on it all the time- serioously all the time- with breaks for the rest room and to eat something. The contractions started early in the morning on the third day. Also I think it helped me to stretch as I didn't tear at all, didn't need any stitches even though my baby was big 4,2kg. So for all the impatient ones I really recomend the gym ball.

  5. 12/2/13 12:11

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    I am 41+2 and so fed up of waiting for something to happen.  I had a sweep Sunday and lost my plug yesterday and nothing else is happening.  Got another sweep booked for tomorrow so fingers crossed.  Otherwise I'm booked in to be induced on Friday.

    I've tried everything to kick start labour naturally but nothing seems to have worked.  I have been going for walks and trying to keep busy in the house but trying not to tire myself out.  I'm also quite nervous about venturing too far from home just incase anything happens.

  6. 25/1/13 20:31

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    40 weeks today and no signs of labour at all. Impatient, tired and anxious to have my baby girl.
  7. 25/1/13 19:31

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    2 days overdue now had a sweep yesterday and been loosing my plug since having some cramps again now but stopped lastnight when I went to bed. But with snow as sad as I sound happy for baby to stay in as worrying about getting there etc. first labour was 3 hours 13 mins and advised on a home birth but high risk so cant. xxx

  8. 25/1/13 17:57

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    i am 40 + 1 so officially overdue. there seems to be a lot of us overdue this month. feel like nothings going to happen but scared to carry on as normal going places and that in case something does happen.
  9. 24/1/13 17:24

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    I am now 40+5 and getting very bored now. Was in hospital last night because i thought she was on her way. How wrong was i. I went in and was examined and was 2cm dialated and 4 hours later no change. The midwife said it was still quite thick and needs to thin first. So came home. I really want something to happen

  10. 23/1/13 22:15

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    I'm two days overdue had sweep on Monday (my DD) had show later that night and more the following morning. Still no other signs of labour, getting impatient! Haha
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