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Anyone been told to add an extra scoop of formula?

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  3. Anyone been told to add an extra scoop of formula?
  1. 28/2/11 18:59

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    Sorry not heard of it here either only addin 1 more oz of water than scoops to ease constipation.
  2. 28/2/11 18:35

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    am g/c but my ds had poor weight gain and other medical problems we were advised against adding extra scoops as it can cause the baby problems ie constipation and problems with their stomach as the formula has not been mixed properly why don't u try hungry baby milk? xx
  3. 28/2/11 18:31

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    Sorry hun never heard of this although if you google it doesnt seem to be advised at all and on the formula tin it says make sure theres an oz of water for every scoop, my mw did tell me to make it weaker when lexi was bringing feeds up xx

    Could you not up her feeds an oz or change to comfort/hungry baby milk? x

  4. 28/2/11 18:24

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    Nope I haven't heard of that only when older and trying to stop night feeds if it's a problem to make it weaker but never more scoops of formula, thought u would go onto the hungry baby stuff if it's not satisfying her
  5. 28/2/11 18:09

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    Sorry hun, i have never heard of this, i always thought you had to be careful with making them up and make sure you only put in one scoop per ounce of water (i have actually binned bottles cos i was scared i had lost count and couldnt be sure it was right lol..)  Mine all went on to hungrier baby milk when they weren't getting enough from the normal one. Sorry i havent been much help.. xx

  6. 28/2/11 17:26

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    When I had my two boys they were both very hungry babies and I was told by mw's, hv and dr to add an extra scoop of formula to their bottle but not to instead the amount of water just the formula. I asked mw about doing this for Freya as she seems to be very hungry too but she's told me that in 30 years in her job she's never heard of this and to give her and extra ounce of formula instead. However if I do that she just pukes it up and then is still hungry. I wondered if anyone else has been told to do give baby an extra scoop as I'm thinking of doing it anyway seeing as I did it for my oter two with no problems and happier babies. Kelly and Freya 13 days old
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