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Can gripe water cause diarrhea

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  1. 27/3/11 11:36

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    I was using infacol but tried gripe water last week, what a mistake!  He was definately more runny in the poo department and I didnt think it helped with wind at all.  Have had a very sad little boy the last few days while we try to get the wind sorted again.

  2. 27/3/11 05:42

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    I've found the past few days sophie has had runnier nappies but she's been on gripe water for nearly 4weeks and it's only just started, i've started using a lesser dose and that seems to have helped x

  3. 26/3/11 20:53

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    Hi Liv, I have been giving Theo Infacol...and thought I would switch to gripe water just to see the difference (even though infacol has been great and have had no problem with it) well as soon as we did he started being sick every morning & having runnier nappies! I have switched back to infacol & he is back to his normal non sickly self! HTH and hope your little one gets better soon xxxxx
  4. 26/3/11 12:29

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    I'm giving Lois gripe water, but i'm only giving her 1 tenth of the recommended dose; it still helps with her wind, but doesn't seem to cause any other problems at the moment x
  5. 25/3/11 20:38

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    I dont know the answer, but I feel the same. Ds has a terrible time with wind, I tried gripe water but he started being sick a lot, so stopped, sickness stopped, tried colief, again seemed to be sick a lot plus it made his poos like diarrhea so stopped then 2 days ago tried dentinox again was bringing up little bits of feeds & cried yesterday evening for 2 hrs......like you I wonder if instead of helping I'm making him worse.

    Louise x

  6. 25/3/11 13:34

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    I have used gripe water a few times now and although i think its great for getting up the wind, i have found that Mia seems to have stomach discomfort after her feeds and also has very runny poos. Would gripe water cause this does anyone know?? Oh and her cries are that of painful ones. Im starting to think im causing her unnecessary pain and discomfort by giving things like colief and gripe water. Liv x

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