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Anyone feel baby move more on one side of bump than the other?

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  3. Anyone feel baby move more on one side of bump than the other?
  1. 4/12/09 13:38

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    im feeling her mainly on the left too. I think she does move about a bit though because sometimes i feel low down and on my right side too so i havent got a clue how shes lying!

  2. 4/12/09 12:31

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    i feel baby much more on the right than the left, also if i lie on my right side he tells me off for squishing him and boots me untill i roll over! if i do feel any movement on my left its normally just wriggles instead of kicks which i asume is him moving his back about.

  3. 4/12/09 10:51

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    hya hun, my lil girl is always moving to the left with occasional movement to the right. but lately its more higher up and more to the middle

    Sarah 24+6 with Ruby Nieve

  4. 4/12/09 09:42

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    I'm still feeling movements in the centre of my tum.I'm not due till the end of March tho,so im a couple of weeks behind some of u ladies

    Lacey 23+6

  5. 4/12/09 09:31

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    lol, i seem to have a lopsided bump most of the time too! its quite funny to look at! i sometimes think hes stuck! i know he isnt really, started to get a feeling of pressure on one hip the last few days too as if he is pushing his feet against it really hard!

  6. 4/12/09 09:27

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    with dd all the kicks were on the right and she lay on the left.  This one doesn't seem to have made its mind up yet!

    Babies don't tend to line up down the middle of the bump they lie to one side or the other.

  7. 4/12/09 09:08

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    Yes, mine is always on the right hand side and when I go to the midwife and she has a feel the baby is always lying on the right. My bump is quite lop sided a lot of the time because baby is so much to one side. Wierd heh?

  8. 4/12/09 09:05

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    I feel so much more on my left side! for the past week i seem to have a foot in that side most of the time, lol, feel some movement on the other side but he definatly prefers the left! Anyone else?

    Debbie 26 + 4 with blue bump! x

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