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Piriton/Piriteze... HELP!!

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  1. 15/11/10 08:33

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    Hi piriton and piriteze have different ingredients, they are not the same drug. Piriton contains chlorphenamine and piriteze contains cetirizine. My gp told me I can take occasional piriton but not piriteze. I'm sure one won't do any harm though so don't stress about it. X
  2. 14/11/10 23:18

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    Hi, I was prescribed Piriton during my last pregnancy for a severe rash and itching.  You should be able to get your doctor to prescribe it and then you won't have to pay for it.  As a pp said, they are the tablets that you take 4 times a day and they are fine to take during pregnancy. 

    Marie 18+1

  3. 14/11/10 00:13

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    Hi, Piriton is older and they have therefore done more testing on it. It's the 'drowsy' one that you'd normally have to take 4 times a day. I've found it more effective than Non drowsy one a day tabs, esp if you're itching at night as the drowsy element can make you pretty sleepy... You have to buy it over the counter, it's not on the shelves. You can always check what the pharmacist advises too... Hope this of some help x
  4. 13/11/10 23:05

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    Okie dokies... Thanks ladies. Feel a bit better now. Hopefully I might get a half decent sleep tonight!! x


  5. 13/11/10 23:05

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    oh and have they  done any tests as to why you are itchy? could be a sign of your liver not working properly, cholestasis, x

  6. 13/11/10 23:03

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    yeah from what ive read they arent advised in pregnancy but can be taken, as the doc tried to give it to me to ease the itch of bad skin,but i decieded not to take it and the cream i got helped th eitch anyway, if you are taking them its best to take in the second trimester. ask you doctor or pharmasist if there is anything else you can take x

  7. 13/11/10 22:57

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    Hi as far as I was aware none are really suitable during pregnancy, I remeber when I suffered really bad hayfever I spoke to a pharmacist and explained I was TTC and didn't know if I was actually pregnant or not they advised me against using them as they aren't safe, so I am not 100% sure in your case if your midwife reckons those ones are ok then maybe they are but I guess everyone offers different advice and whether benefits outweigh the negatives type of thing.

  8. 13/11/10 22:29

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    Hiya, I've been driving myself insane with severe itching at night, and my midwife said I can take Piriton. Went to the supermarket today to get some, but I could only see Piriteze. Thought they had probably changed their name (as loads of companies do nowadays - just to keep us on our toes!) so bought them and took one.

    Now after looking online, people are saying that the Piriteze is the non-drowsy version and shouldn't be taken during pregnancy. So I'm a little worried now.


    Just after a bit of advice really, if anyone else has took it and if you's were okay.



    Sara (18+4)


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