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  1. 21/3/11 20:19

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    my dd was breech and i tried everything to turn her except moxibustion! i had ecv but it didnt work either! i was so against c-sections but honestly they are not the worst thing i the world! mine was so relaxed and lovely, i had music playing and didnt even know they had started the procedure til the mw told me to listen out for the waters breaking as it meant baby would be out in seconds! they even held her up for me to see the sex before anyone else like i asked! obviously the recovery is a bit longer but u get alot of pain relief and u get the hv come to ur house to weight he baby for the first few weeks until u can handle the walk/drive to the clinic.  iv seen some threads about mums taking ages to recover from natural births so it's not just c-sections that causes problems.

    like pps have said there is still lots of time for ur baby to move and if it doesnt then u can still try for a natural birth. my consultant told me that the nhs forces mothers to have sections when they dont always need them. think u have a 70-80% chance of a natural breech birth (dont quote me on that tho) so still lots of options x

  2. 21/3/11 19:05

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    i had a growth scan last week and baby is now not only small but breech...never had a breech baby at this stage.....but i feel kicks all over so can only assume that baby still has plenty of room for movement....i have started to go swimming and a bit more walking to encourage baby into the right posistion but am trying not to worry just yet...if it doesnt turn i might give the moxibustion a go but thats a few weeks away yet...after all i dont want to turn baby for it to turn back before birth..x

  3. 21/3/11 17:53

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    Hi hun! I wouldn't worry too much if i were you, Baby still has plenty of time to turn yet. I have been at consultant today and growth scan, i am 32+4 and  baby is breech but i've been told they still have plenty of time to turn! My DD didn't turn till 34/35 weeks and my cousin's DD didn't turn till 36 weeks!

    Like previous post, a c-section isn't the only option, and you shouldn't feel pressured into doing something you don't want to, its your labour at the end of the day! Also they might suggest trying to turn the baby if it still was breech, so thats is another option.

    They say birthing balls and crawling/rocking on all 4's is supposed to be very effective for turning babies, so maybe try those before any chinese remidies! lol xx

  4. 21/3/11 17:41

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    Some info on it here: http://www.nct.org.uk/info-centre/information/view-41

    Bit about natural breech birth taken from above link:

    "What is a vaginal breech birth like?

    For the mother, a vaginal breech birth need not be more difficult or painful than a headfirst birth. However, like headfirst births, breech births vary. Vaginal breech births are managed in different ways by healthcare professionals depending on their training and experience. Some births are ‘managed’ or ‘assisted’ with epidural anaesthesia, episiotomy (a cut to enlarge the vagina) and forceps. Others are ‘natural’ or ‘physiological’ in which the woman is free to move about and change position; monitoring of the baby’s heartbeat allows the mother to be upright and mobile; neither an epidural or opiates are used; the midwife or doctor does not touch the baby’s body as it is being born unless there is a clear reason to do so; the baby is born entirely through the unaided, expulsive efforts of the mother. Providing all goes well, the midwife avoids touching the mother or baby during the birth and holds her hands ready to receive the baby once it has completely emerged.

    Almost everyone agrees that if labour does not go smoothly, it is safer to deliver the baby by caesarean. In the UK about half of the women who start off labour with a breech baby will end up having a caesarean."

  5. 21/3/11 17:38

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    really... i think i have got it in my head that the only way is a c-section! il be really upset if i cant do it myself, think i need to try stop worrying about it, i panic a bit too much lol x

  6. 21/3/11 17:32

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    never heard of moxib, but just wanted to say:

    dont be pushed into having a c section if you dont want one. Babies can be delievered safely and naturally when breech. I believe its just laziness of maternity wards/mw's that make mums go down the c section route.

    If you want a natural birth, and there are no other probs with baby then to my knowledge there is no reason why you cant give birth to a breech baby naturally.

  7. 21/3/11 17:28

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    Well i just got back from seeing the midwife and baby is Still breech   Im so terrified of having a c-section im going to o anything to help turn the little monkey!! Has anyone had any experience of Moxibustion???? the midwife sugested it and said it had a great sucess rate!  Just wondering if anyone else had tried it? 

    Stacie, yellow naughty breech bump, 31 + 1 xxx

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