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is microfleece safe to swaddle a baby in

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  3. is microfleece safe to swaddle a baby in
  1. 18/4/13 03:41

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    Hi hun it is so hun its so hard to know whats rht but the advice I have read did alot of research into sids when,had,my little boy and the advice is not to swaddle babies at all as they have no chance of wriggling free if they are to hot. There is a big link between over heating and cot death. I used cellular blankets then when bit bigger used gro bags recommended by the sids foundation and there are guides about temp of room and what to put child in to sleep included with them.xx
  2. 17/4/13 21:03

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    I don't think I would use a micro fleece personally, if it did happen to get over her face there are no holes to breathe. ive bought cellular blankets for this reason. May can also be warm and the material could make her over heat espesh if you got a 'warm house'.



  3. 17/4/13 20:12

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    It really depends on your house temp. my lo at times only wanted to sleep in a little vest and nothing else. Tbh it would be the suffocation risk that would put me off. I swaddles Isla from when she was little and she used to always manage to get out and end up with it on her face (I was shown the correct method etc.) and for me it wasnt worth the risk of using something that wasnt cellular.

  4. 17/4/13 19:58

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    but i was think just wrapping her in it when she just got a vest on surely it shouldn't be to hot then ?
  5. 17/4/13 19:45

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    Personally I wouldnt, I always use cellular blankets to ensure that if it rides up over baby's face she can still breathe. Also think it is likely to be too warm for the summer months xx

  6. 17/4/13 19:42

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    i bought a micro fleece swaddle blanket but i'm worried if it will over heat my baby as see is due in may and its really warm then i scared to over heat her my friend told me it will make her to warm and sweat because of the material
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