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how can you tell which way baby is lying?

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  3. how can you tell which way baby is lying?
  1. 17/5/11 06:58

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    I lie on my back and poke the way midwife does and my belly feels exactly same as my last app so she is still breech as i can feel her little head in my ribs bless her


  2. 16/5/11 21:06

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    well im looking at my notes and cant find anything! how bloody annoying, o well i got next appointment on june 1st so will ask then! thanks for all replies good to know im not the only one asking lol xx

    claire 31+6

  3. 16/5/11 19:00

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    Hi, My baby is sitting breech at the moment, I was getting pains at the top of my ribcage. There is a really hard part right in the middle of my atomic between my belly button and ribs - turns out it's the babys head, I don't really get kicks as such anymore, it's more like the baby is turning round and I can / feel it. I don't really have any pressure on my pelvis when I'm up and about which I think you get more when babys head is engaged. I'm doing a few exercises, sitting on all fours with my bum in the air and using my exercise ball but my mw said if it's going to move it will and not a lot I can do!! Hth Shell 32+6 x
  4. 16/5/11 18:46

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    It does not matter what way your baby lies at the moment - it matters from around 36 weeks (and even then there are some who have spun around). I understand it is frustrating not knowing but at the end of the day your baby still has enough room to do the flips and even if it is head down now does not mean it will stay that way (or the other way round). That may be why your mw has not recorded a position either.
  5. 16/5/11 16:38

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    aww, thats rubbish. 

    i know what you mean... when you want an answer, you want it now not in 3 or 4 weeks time!

    still whatever way baby is lying right now, there is plenty of time for the position to change if necessary.  and if baby is breech or transverse, theres things you can do to encourage baby to turn head down.

    hopefully GP can tell you tho, then you wont have to wait ages xx


  6. 16/5/11 14:23

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    my mw hasn't put anything for position, she's useless!!! 

    i asked her at my 28 week check but she said she didn't want to push about too much to find out because of my spd and that it didn't matter as she has plenty of time to move!!!

    seeing the gp at 31 weeks so hope they will be able to tell., if not mw again at 34 or consultant at 36...but i want to know now, lol!!!

  7. 16/5/11 14:21

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    Hi Girls, i had another scan done at 28weeks due to my little man being very lazy and i was told (and could see for myself) that he was lying across my tummy (transverse) i do still feel his feet in my side but they are getting a tad higher and i feel poks in my lady parts too but also please know that if you are feeling 'kicks' high and low this may not mean your breech, baby may also be punching or elbowing you or even kneeing you there so little space in there now you tend to feel every sharp movement its no longer just feet any more hope this helps

    Emma 29 + 4 xxxx

  8. 16/5/11 13:29

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    I also wondered which way baby was lying, and i used to get (what i thought were) kicks, quite high up but also very low down too... at first i though that baby was tranverse, but then because of the prods low down, decided she must be breach.  anyway i went for my 31 week appointment with the midwife, and which point she told me that back was head down and was engaged 4/5, shes been headdown since 26 weeks. 

    i dont really get many kicks as such now, i just have baby moving around loads and sticking (what i think to be her bum) out., at the top of my bump.

    Have a look in your maternity notes (the pages where MW writes at each of your appointments), and it will tell you which way baby is lying. 

    CEPH is head down (if it has numbers next to it like... 5/5, 4/5, 3/5 etc it means baby is engaged), if baby isnt engaged but is head down, it might say CEPH free - and "BR" means bottom down or Breech.   Im not sure what transverse is though. 

    Hope this helps.

    32+6 xx

  9. 16/5/11 13:19

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    yeah mine too up then down spinning around lol hope he gets down ready soon the little monkey!!

  10. 16/5/11 13:10

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    i keep wondering the same thing.

    i get kicks low 1 day then high the next, think mines laying transverse and just keeps rolling over so feet are top then bottom, praying she hurries up and moves head down very soon before she runs out of room

    leona 29+5

  11. 16/5/11 13:04

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    hi im due 12th july with my 2nd baby and just wondered how you know that baby is breech or lying the right way? im getting sharp kicks and prods right deep in my lady parts and guessed that baby would be breech then? am i right and could anyone give any advice into knowing which way bubs is lying? thanks claire xx

    31+6 blue bump

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