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27 weeks movement slowed down

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8/4/13 18:22

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Im into my 27th week and a felt my little girl quite a bit then all of a sudden it slowed down. I still feel her but just not as much or as strong as they were. Should I be concerned as I thought movements should be more regular now.i read some where that she is getting bigger now so movements might become less noticeable as room becoming less but just wondering if anyone else has experienced this? She did this at 23 weeks but all was fine this is my first baby so have no clue :-) thanks for taking the time to read this.
  1. 11/4/13 17:13

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    I don't think my little one has settled down yet. She's a hyperactive little nutter, just like her daddy, lol. The kicks don't feel quite as harsh the past week or so though, before I felt like I was being beaten from the inside. But I figure that's just where our bubbas are getting more and more cramped in there. I still feel her everyday, so I'm not worried Char 26+1 x
  2. 11/4/13 16:21

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    Hi same thing has happened to me im due July 23rd with a little boy, he's been kicking and moving around loads and this is the 3rd day I've not felt anything other than a slight twinge im really worried and was thinking i should get checked what do people think?
  3. 11/4/13 15:50

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     i have had the same thing and im due 6th July with a girl xx :-)

  4. 11/4/13 10:12

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    Completely varies from each pregnancy! Some people do carry low the whole time. Most of mine r still low but have had a good few up near the ribs lol with ur first u should b head down by 36wks so don't worry she'll squirm and twist til then lol my 3rd was sideways 4days b4 my due date!! So they sent me for scan and few hrs later he was head down lol
  5. 11/4/13 10:03

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    Do you feel her move all the time when you drink an icy drink? I do that also and sometimes il feel her sometimes i wont or do you have to lay there for quite a while sometimes?x
  6. 11/4/13 09:53

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    Charlotte is a lovely name, my niece is called Charlotte. :-) Its not like i don't feel her at all just varies on how much and how strong i have come to the conclusion she has either moved where i don't feel her so much or she is just lazy lol. Have m/w a week on Tues so will mention it to her then see what she says then. Also the movements i feel are still quite low is that normal at this stage when do they start becoming higher? or does it varies on the individual? I'm hoping if i have another i wont be so worried its the fear of the unknown. xx
  7. 9/4/13 09:39

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    Hi Ladies,

    I'm also due on the 6th July and also having a girl!  AND, since Sunday I haven't felt such strong movements either, just the odd lower down movement which feel more like a hiccup than a kick.  I've also been doing the same as LoobyLoo and drinking icy drinks to detect movements. 

  8. 9/4/13 09:32

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    Oh 3 of us due 6th with girls we r calling ours Charlotte......we think lol we like other names, Darcy I love but o doesn't Elise, Alisa, khloe, Sophia, Yasmine, Jazmine, Kaitlyn, Lexi and Sophie are ones we have considered but Charlotte is only one that has stuck in r minds I can just imagine a wee charlotte in my pram, and it helps we have a 3d pic of her face lol but my boys all had names before they were born and all stuck and suit them soo well, jamie is the cool older one but also grumpy and laid back....at times lol lewis is the cheeky chappy charmer and blake is the cute baby one and mine too is now back with a vengeance hurting me again. My back has got quite sore the past few days tho I wonder is that a sign she's back to back at the mo??!! Xx
  9. 8/4/13 22:46

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    I'm due on the 6th too with a little girl too at this present moment bump is Ivy but who knows lol! And I too only on Friday and Saturday was worried about lack of movements it she is back wriggling away now. I just laid really still for a while and drank an icy drink and even though the movement wasn't as strong I felt her and it reassured me lots x
  10. 8/4/13 21:34

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    How strange. Aww that's really nice for you. Have you any names yet? Calling my lil girl Lilly hope she looks like a Lilly lol x
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