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i was told at my 20 wk scan that im having a girl but im really dont think i am?

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  3. i was told at my 20 wk scan that im having a girl but im really dont think i am?
  1. 10/6/10 10:37

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    Hiya, I was convinced I was having a boy, and then was told I was having a girl. I had 2 scans (one was 4D) just to be sure, but yep - no boy bits.

    I've had no morning sickness, no cravings, my hair and nails look great, but everything else isn't blooming!

  2. 10/6/10 10:32

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    We were told that same, I mean they can never be 100% sure but I am taking it with a pinch of salt. I have heard that boys are nearly always correct cos of their willy, but if told it's a girl it could well be a boy lol....but read a thread on here where a woman was told by 3 ppl it was a boy and she was shown it's bits, But it turned out to be a girl with swollen bits.

    Cos she didn't sound confident saying it is a girl we are not rushing to buy pink things. Sent some vouchers at Next so if a boy at least we haven't spent out money. Rest is lots of white body suits, sleep suits and gro bags that can go for either sex. Jungle and spotty, winnie the pooh etc. Then I have a couple of whitish/grey outfits.

    Going to decorate walls white in nursery, get a plainish carpet. Then once baby is here we are going out as a family to buy the rest of the stuff and girlify or boyify everything

  3. 9/6/10 19:06

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    my next door neighbour got told she was having a girl but she had a boy xx

  4. 9/6/10 18:26

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    I was told boy, she even tried to show us the 'bits', not that I could really tell what it was. But I'm still not sure, I was convinced it was a girl for a long time. I've got stuff that is fairly neutral, just in case she was wrong.



  5. 9/6/10 16:52

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    Me too we were told both twins look like girls but 99% sure twin one def is and twin two looks like it but wont sit still enough but Im sure there is a boy in there.  Ive bought nothing in pink apparently my mum has a secret stash anyway but I bought all neutral and all the neutral stuff kept from DS has been washed and sorted for these two - I like them in neutral with knitted cardis at first anyway and with being twins I imagine any outfits wast long

  6. 9/6/10 15:44

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    I think the same! We were told it's a girl but have a sneaking suspicion that it'll be a boy when it's born. These sorts of things tend to happen to me and I'm just convinced that they've got it wrong - so much so have even told people to not buy any more pink stuff just in case they got it wrong.
  7. 9/6/10 15:35

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    I'm the same as from the start I always felt it would be a boy but scan said girl, though she was a very stubborn girl and didn't reveal until the last minute. Though she didn't want to show her face either
  8. 9/6/10 15:33

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    I was told im having a boy... but have feeling he is actually a she.. and i have no reason too.


  9. 9/6/10 15:15

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    i was told at my 20 week scan that im haing a girl but ever since the scan i just dont think my baby is a girl! has any one felt the same and has any one been told there having a girl and then go on to have a boy? x

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