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had 20 week scan today (slightly disappointed)

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  3. had 20 week scan today (slightly disappointed)
  1. 10/6/11 18:24

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    Just back from 20 week scan, baby was all curled up in a ball and would not move, even after going for a walk, having something to eat and drink nothing seemed to make it want to uncurl! Really quite disappointed and worried as its my first and expected to see it moving around alot. Seems the checks they could do were normal, have to wait for a call now to rebook x

  2. 10/6/11 10:24

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    I was told that lying on ur back for long periods puts pressure on ur nerve at the back and reduces the oxygen. It is also dangerous for the baby. This is probably why u got nauseas. I tried not to eat too much because i have noticed the baby gains energy when i eat. I couldnt help myself though so it was abit active but not too much.

  3. 9/6/11 21:34

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    yes my bump was very active and kept jumping away when she was trying to check. which is oneof the reasons she had to dig in so hard but. tbh it took so long i was so glad when it was all over i think it was the lying on my back that me feel so sick.

    but thankfully i have another hospital appointment in august so hopefully it wont take as long as and bump will have its legs open. lol

  4. 9/6/11 20:46

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    I have been for my 20 week scan today, and am back in 2 weeks time as both (yes twins) were jumping around and we could not get a good look at everything. I also had this problem with my son and ended up going back on numerous occassions, dont be disappointed just look on it as another chance to see your lovely baby. Hope all goes well tomorrow x

  5. 9/6/11 20:32

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    I am going back for a re-scan tomorrow morning as our baby curled up in a little ball and refused to turn over so they couldn't do loads of the checks let alone find out the sex! I was going to find out but have now decided that maybe it was meant to be a surprise so my OH gets his own way and ours is a yellow bump. TBH I was disappointed afterwards too because I thought I'd see a lot more - fingers crossed for tomorrow!

    Gem x

  6. 9/6/11 20:24

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    I had my 20weeks scan today too, baby must be having a party in there coz he wouldn't keep stil for them to finish their checks so I have to go back in2weeks, they did say they think its a boy. I'm hoping my asd scan in july will tell for sure so I can start shoppin! Lol x
  7. 9/6/11 17:41

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    Know what you mean - my little scamp kept it's legs crossed the entire time in the scan room then kicked me for the rest of the day in revenge for being squished by the sonographer.

    We've decided to leave it as a surprise now-it's no1 so it's not like there'll be bedroom jenga issues when it turns up.

    Congrats on clear scan tho. Al

  8. 9/6/11 16:02

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    Oh how gutted!!  I had saved up for a private scan to find out the sex if I couldnt find out at the 20 week scan....fortunately my lil lady wasnt shy in the slightest!

  9. 9/6/11 00:00

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    hi everyone had my 20 week scan today and as great as it was to see baby the actually process took forever as baby kept moving and sonogrpher kept digging into me and then lying on my back started to make me dizzy and feel sick i broke sweat and had to sit up and take a break. was hoping to find out babies sex but when we wanted it to move it wouldnt (wee rascal) will hopefully find out in augst

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