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very uncomfortable post sweep.

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  3. very uncomfortable post sweep.
  1. 26/10/11 19:03

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    OMG snap! I have been very teary and moody too! Well its tonight for me or it hasnt worked so fingers crossed and good luck to you al! xxx

  2. 26/10/11 18:41

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    I am right there with you guys. Had a sweep two hours ago and just got home and gonna head out for a walk soon. No spotting or plug loss yet just some uncomfortable pressure. I also told my hubby we are having sex tonight (romantic I know) but I really hope this works. I got my induction date scheduled for the evening of Nov. 6th and I really don't want to wait that long. Good luck to both of you and with any luck we will be holding our babies soon. I will be watching for your updates.

    **39+5 blue bump #3**


  3. 26/10/11 18:31

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    Hiya, well despite my midwife being so positive I've had a tiny, tiny bit of show but not a lot else!! Bh are no worse than they have been for the last few weeks anyway. Only thing that different today is I'm even more moody (according to the hubby! How kind of him to say!) and been really emotional! Wish I could share my midwifes optimisium! Hope something happens for everyone else thats had a sweep in the last couple days
  4. 26/10/11 18:14

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    Hiya, i'm in the same boat, had my sweep yesterday and since then been losing my show (can't believe how much there is) and had quite a lot of irregular bh's feel like i'm counting down to the end of the 48 hours in which they said it would work. Hope the sweeps work for you ladies xx

  5. 26/10/11 18:06

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    Hi, Just wondered how you were both getting on after your sweep, I have been losing my plug (lovely! lol!) and getting on and off painful bh, but nothing regular still.  Just feel that all it has done is make me very uncomfortable! x

  6. 25/10/11 18:31

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    Me too. Sounds good Kristen!! Fingers crossed these sweeps today get something going for us! Got absolutly soaked going out into town in the rain so hope its worth it!! Good luck and fingers crossed
  7. 25/10/11 17:36

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    Hia, Im sort of in the same boat as you as Ive had a sweep this afternoon too and just been for a walk and also feeling very uncomfortable and achey now, havent had any blood loss yet but I am having a few braxton hicks but then Ive been having those for days anyway. Guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens next eh? Take care hun and lets hope we both get started soon

    Kristen 40+2 xxx

  8. 25/10/11 17:23

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    Hi Ladies, I am 40+5 and had a sweep this morning, then midwife told me to go for a walk so I went into town for a couple of hours and was getting quite strong braxton hicks, got home and had a small amount of blood loss, hoovered under the sofas and continued to get the bh, then was knackered so went for a nap! Still getting irregular bh very uncomfortable at times, at one point they were every 3 mins and I just generally feel more uncomfortable! Is this all a good sign or will it all stop and progress into nothing?! lol! This is my second baby but my first was born 5 weeks early after my waters ruptured and the pain was a very strong period pain so this is all very different! x

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