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height of uterus???

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  3. height of uterus???
  1. 26/9/12 21:11

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    Agree, my baby was still free last week 38+2 and 3/5th this week 39+2 everyone is different
  2. 26/9/12 13:15

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    I put no stock in fundal height measurements at all so don't know what I measure but if she measured your fundal height, she could probably feel from that that baby is not engaged yet. MW's are able to tell from the slightest tough and sometimes just by looking at bump shape where baby is lying but 37 weeks is plenty of time for baby to engage. As someone else said, baby can stay free until the last minute. They have been known to go head down, pop your waters and be born in a few hours.

  3. 26/9/12 10:21

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    I am measuring 37cm, have done for the past 3 weeks and im 39+2
  4. 25/9/12 18:08

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    you can also go smaller when baby starts engaging cos of its head being in your pelvis. ive measured exactly the same as how many weeks i am at every appointment apart from my last one.. at 38 weeks i measured 35 and baby was 2/5 engaged...  even though i feel bigger than ever!!!

    good luck everyone xx

  5. 25/9/12 17:29

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    Im due a week on sunday & my fundal height is 52cm but i have polyhydramnios so being induced on sunday but all my babies have been big aswell so wouldnt worry too much your sounds normal mine belly is huge & i still aint popped im a pre pregnancy size 10 aswell gl x

  6. 25/9/12 16:31

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    I'm due on the 20th october and I'm measuring 36cm this week. At the week 34 appointment I was measuring 32cm and then last week I had a noticable growth spurt. The fundal height thing is just a rough measurement. The baby seems to grow in bursts rather than equal amounts each week. I'm sure the position of the baby can affect it as well. People have different amounts of fluid so it doesn't necessarily mean that you're gonna have a big baby. My sister was huge like she was having twins and her baby was 8 pounds. I don't know what relation to brim is so I can't help you with that. I think if the midwife was worried about the baby size then she'd send you for a growth scan. As far as I know thats only if they're more than 2 weeks difference.

  7. 25/9/12 16:27

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    I'm 38+5 and i'm measuring near 39 cms. For every week the height normally goes up by a cm, so you having 3 weeks left and measuring 37 means your baby is developing normally. And i think that means the baby is not engaged yet if its sitting free, but thats nothing to worry about as some babies can usually engage just before labour so i've read.

  8. 25/9/12 15:58

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    hey ladies, just wondering how far on people are and what size there uterus in cm is.? im due 20th oct. (so will be due 3 weeks on saturday 29th) and my uterus is measuring 37cm?? is this big and will i have a big baby? also she doesnt seem interested my midwfie and im only in 2 mins with her. she said the relation to brim is free? but she never even felt to see so how can she know? cos the lil man feels like hes so low if hes any lower he wud be out haha? please help in confused and curious lol

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