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Contractions every 30 mins.............

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  3. Contractions every 30 mins.............
  1. 16/11/09 13:34

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    must be a december baby thing cos i been having constant braxtons every evening since sat night !!!! and some are just the tightnings and then others bloody hurt !!!! plus the constant period pain .... Oh well we aint got long to go peeps xx em 35+5

  2. 16/11/09 11:52

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    These babies are starting to tease us - I haven't had any contractions and feel for you having them so regularly like that! Makes you get all jumpy! I have had a big increase of BH and just started getting some that take my breath away a bit, but that's enough for me just now lol.

    Hope you get more rest tonight. Fi xxx

  3. 16/11/09 11:39

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    it must be a Sunday night thing. I had pains every 5 mins for about 5 hours last Sun and last night i was having irregular pains and was awake until about 4. Im back off to bed in a bit to catch up on sleep!

  4. 16/11/09 11:37

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    Thumbs downk1r5ty77

    Oh bloody hell ladies whats going on with these babies????

    Welll im so bloody knackered, can hardly keep my eyes open, Pains hav'nt come back but have got like a really dull lower back ache.

    However i have just cleaned my house from top to bottom, and im gonna attack the airing cupboard now.... WTF?? I should be sleeping

    Maybe its a sign?????

    Hope all you ladies are ok

    Kirsty x

  5. 16/11/09 10:39

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    i had pains last night too...but nothing regular...

    and sat at work now booooo and my back hurts and getting period type pains.

    Amy 34+6

    Hope you all feel better soon xx

  6. 16/11/09 10:36

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    Must have been the night for it, i had pains too. now im tucked up under the cover on the sofa as youngest at inlaws for the week and other 2 at school mmmmmmmmm bliss

  7. 16/11/09 09:03

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    Oh no, I had this 3 wks ago, I was getting strong bh every 30mins for 3 hours, throughout the night, it kept waking me.  Yesterday morning however at 6am I had a very sharp pain, which had me in panic, I couldnt breathe, well I went into hospital and was there for 4 hrs getting monitored, and turns out could be an infection this time grrr.  I am actually looking forward to having the contractions for real now, so I will be closer to meeting my baby boy


  8. 16/11/09 08:34

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    lol glad i wasnt the only one!

    from 1 till about 5 this morning i kept waking up with a pain then it would go and id go back to sleep after looking at the clock to make sure  was timing the pains.

    went back to sleep at 5 and it stopped.... got the mw today so will see what she has to say.

    think my blood pressure will be up as i have a headache so will be all go today!

    hope you feel better soon girls

    bex x


  9. 16/11/09 08:30

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    ive been getting tightening pains all night as well, and when i did nod off it would wake me up.. constant battle all night. started to freek me out thinking it was something but it has now stopped!!

  10. 16/11/09 08:23

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    Thumbs downk1r5ty77

    Oh what a flipping night, from 8pm ish until 4am this morning contractions were coming every 40 mins to start with then every 30 mins, Then absolutly sodding nothing. WTF!!!!!

    Sooooooo tired!!

    Kirsty 34+4 x

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