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Help with childcare costs & the government free 15 hours..

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  3. Help with childcare costs & the government free 15 hours..
  1. 13/11/10 21:04

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    I thought you meant the 15hours that can taken up in mainstream school nursery, in my area this is set at 3 hours per day 5 days a week, they are not very flexible however it is free so I won't moan. My 2 no longer go to private nursery, but I used to do wrap around and during half-term time I use to inform tax credits of the increase and then decrease otherwise you end up with equal payments throughout the year and struggle at times when you need to pay more-

    I don't know how it works with private nursery thou

    Dee xxx

  2. 13/11/10 19:38

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    Thanks hun, thats what I thought might happen. Thank you x

  3. 13/11/10 19:27

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    btw - the smiley face should be an eight - should read £20x38 !
  4. 13/11/10 19:25

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    If I remember rightly you have to inform the tax credit office if the weekly payment changes by £10. I think they encourage you to work out the cost for the whole tax year; so if you pay £20 per week for 38 weeks of the year and then £100 for the remaining 12 weeks (school holidays) the total for the year would be (£20x3 + (£100x12) = £1960 per year or £37.69 per week - and that’s the figure you’d tell the tax credit office. I think I have this right (I’m sure there’s an example on the direct.gov.uk website)
  5. 13/11/10 13:38

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    No problem, glad I could help x

  6. 13/11/10 13:26

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    Thanks hun, he is all booked in ready for April 2011, and they are open all year round. I got a feeling thats what they will do, I will work out the childcare for the year including the extra in the non term times and they will work out how much help I would get on a standard rate..  then the bit extra I get each month I will transfer to my savings account and keep for when I get the bigger bills in the non term time weeks. Thanks hun xx

  7. 13/11/10 13:15

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    Me again.....

    After reading Dees post I'm wondering if my nursery is more accommodating than some....

    It's worth checking with the nursery if they will allow your son to continue attending throughout school holidays, if so, then as I said, you will need to pay for his sessions during these times.  Obviously some nurseries are term time only which hadn't even crossed my mind (lol baby brain!)

    If they will take your son all year round the tax credits office should work out how much you pay over the year and pay you a standard rate accordingly.  If you do find you need to make alternative arrangements the best thing might be to phone their helpline and ask them what they will do to help you x

  8. 13/11/10 13:14

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    Thank you, thats what i'm thinking because the 15 hours is for 38 weeks, I didn't fancy a massive bill in July/August (non term time) and I would be paying for all of it then and no discount for the 15 hours with it being non term time. So if they could spread it over the whole year that would help soo much and pay a bit more each month to cover the summer and half terms etc..

    The tax credits say you have to work out the fees for the whole year.. so I couldn't just call up in the summer and get more help with childcare, I guess it's a case of working out the price for the whole 52 weeks - including the extra for the non term time, and give them that figure, then any spare money I get each month would have to be put away to cover the summer, christmas and half terms..

    wow very complicated lol x

  9. 13/11/10 13:05

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    Hi, I work in a nursery and the government grant is sooooo confusing lol, but I'll explain it to the best of my understanding...

    Your 3 year old wll qualify for 15 hours of free chiildcare from the beginning of the term following their 3rd birthday.  However the 15 hours must be spread over 3 days (ie 3 x 5 hour sessions) meaning that if you wanted to work full days you would need to pay for the extra couple of hours each day yourself.  Also the grant only covers term time.  You could ask the nursery you're going to be sending your children to if they would consider spreading this cost over the year so that you have a small bill each month rather than a huge one after easter, xmas and the summer holidays if you see what i mean.

      I hope this helps a little, and that I've explained it clearly enough (I'm rubbish at trying to explain things lol) if you want any more help pm me and I'll help as much as I can

    Laura 36+3 xx

  10. 13/11/10 13:01

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    if your son goes to a school for his 15 hours then you will have to make alternative arrangements for him during summer/half term times, you could use your usual nursey/day care and inform tax credits that your child care costs will increase. I know that sound quite basic but essentially that is what it means

    Dee 32+3 xxx

  11. 13/11/10 12:36

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    I thinki'm going round in circles!! lol..I think i'm gonna go back to work, as I worked hard to get my job at the local authority. But  working out this childcare stuff is hard!!

    I have a son who will  be 3 in January and will qualify for the free 15hours.. I tried out the tax credits and it's saying I would get help with childcare.. I would do 2 days a week.. so a 3 year old and a 8 month old in the nursery.. but on the websites I have searched it says the 15 hours free childcare is only over 38 weeks.. so does that mean for the other 14 weeks of the year I would have to pay for it?? How would that affect the childcare element of the tax credits? Would I have to call them and say 'hey it's the summer holidays now, i'm paying for all of my 3 year olds childcare' and they would adjust the amount of help with childcare I would get??

    It says when I work out the cost of childcare, not to include any costs met by your educational or local authority for your child’s nursery childcare, so this would be the 15 hours a week.. but it's not every week.. only 38 weeks out of 52.

    God this is sooooo confussing!!

    Thanks for any help xx

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