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oh no to big :(

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25/9/13 19:01

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my midwife sent me to see to see a consultant because they was worried that 1 out of 5 of my other children was to small at birth (at 7lb 1oz)  so today was the day and the consultant hardly said a word to me apart from to ask why i was there and then sent me for a scan then told me to come back in 2 weeks (not very happy with his attitude at all) the ladies ion the scan told me he was measureing bigger than he should and the midwife who explained that because my baby is measureing big they need to recheck him in to 2 weeks and keep an eye on things 

i was a little shocked to find out he was big even tho i commented to my other half a few times that he feels big or at least very long a few times and i forgot to ask the ladies in the scan room how much bigger he is (honestly i thought the consultant would of talk it though with me a bit) and now i'm a bit worried 

  1. 1/10/13 11:48

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    So ive been to the midwife and all is gd and measuring 1 week ahead which im well pleased about x
  2. 30/9/13 16:31

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    Wow why so long between appointments? And are you sure your meassuring properly if so wow but deffantly talk to your midwife about your concerns and let us know how you get on Hope your baby isn't to big and all goes well for you
  3. 30/9/13 15:53

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    I havent seen my midwife since i was 16 weeks. I have an appiontment tommrow. I thought i would measure myself as hasnt been done yet and im 29+5 and by my measurements i am measuring 34 weeks. Why so big x
  4. 27/9/13 12:37

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    I'm hoping my babies growth slows down without any devastating news and I hope everythin goes ok with you this time round
  5. 27/9/13 12:29

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    Im diabetic and due to have a C-section at 37wks, I had my 28 wk scan yesterday and babies head and legs measured 28wks, but her abdomen measured 33wks - seeing consultant next Wednesday, got another scan at 32 wks ... so I don't know what will happen if her abdomen measures 37wks by then - when I was preg with my little boy, he was measuring big at 28wks, but by the 32 wk scan he wasn't his growth had slowed down, but our family had devastating news at the time and im convinced the shock of that slowed his growth xx

  6. 27/9/13 11:05

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    I was on top line when midwife measured a couple weeks ago and over when the consultant did it the other day and normally I measure right on target and have 7lb or 8lb,ish babies and I always thought that was big enough lol I'm dreading this one now tho as I always go to 41 weeks and they've always refused to induce even when I couldn't even walk or breath with bad ashma and spd
  7. 27/9/13 10:48

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    Hi Hun Not sure, they'll prob have a better idea after the next scan. Sometimes they induce early depending on growth. Try not worry about it (easier said than done). Do you measure big? I measure 2cm over but apparently my growth scan was one, just long legs apparently. Xx
  8. 27/9/13 08:22

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    hi yes i have a growth chart for that scan but not a pic this time as i wasnt expecting to have a scan so didnt take any money plus they said they couldnt get a good pic because of how big he is on the growth chart hes marked above the top line and it looks like hes at least a week over 3lb 15oz is way bigger than he supposed to be (according to all the research he should only be around 2 an half lbs) what do you think the likelyhood is that his growth will slow down abit so i dont end up trying to push a giant out

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