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6 week old has a cold and keeps being sick

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  3. 6 week old has a cold and keeps being sick
  1. 16/4/10 12:01

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    My Lo keeps being sick after each feed!!! And its loads!!! We went to see doctor and we got Gaviscon for Infants. Brrriliant it helps to keep food down. Really helps!!! She was still sick a little bit but just few drops not  a whole mouth Now she is 16 weeks and I give her 1 or 2 sachettes a day its really safe and Baby feels no difference

    Hope it may help


  2. 4/4/10 11:18

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    Hiya, my ds is 12 week and has had a cold since he was about 2 weeks old, i too  struggle to feed, more so at night now when he's been a sleep layed on his back for a long time as he has been so bunged up that couldnt breath which led to him opening in his mouth when breast feeding and taking in air, making him cough and choke on the milk and leading to him sicking up what seemed like most of his feed, i mentioned it to the doctor when i went for an appointment and they suggested saline nasal drops to help keep it moist and help sneeze it out and was told that its normal to have a sniffly baby and it could last a long time. i also express and give a bottle occasionally as it gives more room to breath.  because of the cold i moved him into his own room early than i wanted to cos the noise he made kept me awake all night.  hope this helps but if your not sure go to the docs or hv, that what they are there for xx

  3. 4/4/10 11:09

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    I use saline drops for my ds and a plug in vapouriser for my ds.  If you are worried though you can always ring the gp and ask for advice. If they think you should bring dd in they will tell you. xx

  4. 4/4/10 11:02

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    Hi Just needed some advice really. My 6 week old dd has a cold and keeps being sick. She's been ill for about 2 days now but will keep milk down if we hold her upright and don't lie her down. Her breathing sounds awful when she's lying down but its not her chest just her nose and throat. She's really restless and keeps screaming, she obviously wants feeding but then when I try to breastfeed her she screams. She is feeding, little and often and I'm trying to get her to feed as much as possible then we're just holding her upright just so she doesn't dehydrate too much. Is there anything that we can give her or do you think its worth taking her to the drs? She's my first and I really don't know what to do, I don't want to be contacting the dr over nothign but then I also don't want to leave her if she's really ill. Sorry I'm rambling. Thanks in advance for any advice. Kath
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