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Wide awake at 3am

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  1. 27/10/10 10:27

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    I find rearranging the nappy enough to wake them up.  Also try using different positions  I feed across the front, tehn wind and swap to rugby hold on each breast and that usually helps. 

    Singing definatey doesn't help!!!  Keep the lights dim and everything calm, limit talking too or she'll get overtimulated.

  2. 27/10/10 09:16

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    Hi I wondered if anyone else has experienced this? My DD is 4 months old tomorrow, and has had erratic sleeping patterns (naps and nightime) over the last 3/4 weeks or so. I have to say, she is still very good at going to bed, but she keeps waking at 12 and/or 3am wide awake. She sleeps on her tummy and when I go in she has her head right up and is wide eyed. I can sometimes feed her back to sleep, but she seems to take very little (I BF) and the following day she is sick at her morning feed (this morning she emptied what seemed like an entire boob on my top clean on 5 mins before). Last night she took a half hearted feed at midnight, but at 3.15 tried but couldn't take it. SHe was then awake for 1.5 hours. It meant that last night I got 4 hours sleep (when some nights I am very grateful as she can do 7 to 7), and it also makes her grouchy and she doesn't enjoy the next day as much. I have been told/read that I should spread her feeds out a bit and/or try and reduce her naps - but I also believe that sleep breeds sleep (certainly, I normally find the better she sleeps in the daytime the better she settles at night!) DOes anyone have any ideas about it (or a failsafe solution (joke!) To top it off, my OH got up with me last night to 'help', and he made her giggle and sang to her - and when I told him off he said 'well you know I don't like being woken in the night - I thought I would make the most of it'!!!!! I think he wins the prize for the most thoughtless comment of the year!!!! I won't tell you what my reply was!!! Thanks all Sharon and Emily xx
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