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16/1/13 13:45

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Hiya, my ds is 10 weeks now and my periods haven't returned. I haven't been breastfeeding since he was about 5 days old, so I'm starting to think they should have returned by now? Has everyone elses?
  1. 20/11/13 10:31

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    With my first ds I only expressed for two weeks (long story) and my period returned 3 months after his birth. This time my little girl is now 9 weeks and I'm breastfeeding and no sign of the witch yet....I have had some sharp twinges though like I used to get with ovulation so I think something is happening Hx
  2. 19/11/13 07:58

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    Heya my little boy is 2 months today he is my first n I still haven't had a period but am going to stock up for when I do get my first period afta baby, so I won't be caught off guard.
  3. 18/11/13 20:07

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    With my first my period didn't start again until she was about 5 months old but I was brestfeeding until she was 3 months old this time I only feed her for 3 wks and my period returned Tuesday last week my baby is 9 wks old x
  4. 18/11/13 16:09

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    hi after i had my ds my periods did not return till he was 16 months, i breast fed him for the first four months then combination fed till he was 12 months when he self weened, then he was on formular from then on, i wouldnt worry to much, to be honest i quite enjoyed not having them 

  5. 16/10/13 19:11

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    Hi my baby is a month old today and my period started this morning, I was supprised as I only stoped breastfeeding last week so thought I'd have a while yet until it came :0/
  6. 16/10/13 13:57

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    hiya, nastbury, my baby is 8 weeks old now same as u i havent been breastfeeding, i had my first period 4-5 weeks after having him,x hope this helps.x
  7. 9/10/13 17:21

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    My little man is 10 weeks today, I haven't had a period yet either, have had a dull ache as though it was about to start, but nothing so far....I stopped bleeding approx.2- 3 weeks after birth and haven't had anything since, but im dreading the first one x

  8. 9/10/13 13:05

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    my baby is 12wks old. I saw my period after 1mnth and it didn't come out the following months. Still hoping it will come out
  9. 25/9/13 01:12

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    My son is 9 months old now, im still breastfeeding but take Cerazette antibaby pills, and from after birth still not having any blood.
  10. 12/9/13 16:39

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    Sunshine happy faceVickyLawley

    With both my two they returned within about a month of birth. Had baby, had the post birth bleed, a month after that finished I had my first period and straght back to normal. I breast fed both for 18 months (exclusively for the first 6). Anyone who tells you that breast feeding works as a form of contraception is mis-informed as my periods went straight to normal despite EBF and I am currently 7 months pregnant with number 3 (planned) despite still nursing my DD when we were trying xx

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