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Funny things your partner said during labour?

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13/3/13 14:45

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What the best, worst and or funniest thing your partner said while you were in labour?


  1. 2/4/13 21:47

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    My water broke while having dinner with few friends at our house...I told him my water broke and he said "but I've got cold" .... I wondered if he thinks the baby would wait... :-)
  2. 2/4/13 20:35

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    My husband was very good for most of my 20 hour labour (I was induced so it was really slow!), but right in the middle of pushing he decided to ask when I wanted to have the next one! I wasn't impressed!
  3. 2/4/13 20:21

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    When I arrived at the hospital with my second child I was already 8cms dilated.  Once my husband had taken me into the delivery room then left to park the car, he came back in the room and asked 'Will this take long?'!!  Our daughter was born about 15 minutes later so luckily he didn't have to wait too long!!

  4. 1/4/13 16:48

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    it was 36hours from my waters breaking to me holding my LG. They told my OH to go home and rest but as soon as he got home i was phoning him to come back. he also told me whilst that i was pushing that "its just like having a pooh" I just glared at him and he didnt say it again!!
  5. 1/4/13 12:58

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    While labouring with my third baby, my ex husband sat rubbing his eyes and yawning. I gave him a look and said, youd better not fall asleep to which he replied "sorry darling, im just so tired!"

    But doesnt beat the comment of "Well Im going for the snip now!"

    After IVF treatment for first two children and this baby being a miracle third time without any intervention I was mortified, Now you know why he bacame an ex!!! Men!!! Not a clue...

  6. 31/3/13 21:44

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    My oh was asleep until i started pushing : (
  7. 31/3/13 18:58

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    While on all fours on the bed mid contraction my partner found it appropriate to say. This is how it all started. I nearly jumped off the bed & strangled him x
  8. 31/3/13 13:54

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    my husband commented that watching me give birth was like "watching your favourite pubb burn down". It made me laugh even whilst pushing! lol

  9. 30/3/13 20:35

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    my husband said to me oh its only braxton's go have a cup of tea you'll be alright 1 hour later our 4th child was born at home on the sofa to which my response was so much for braxtons lol
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