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  1. 5/3/09 09:58

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    I know I have to borrow my dad's car coz ours is just too small and I have to go and buy a pushchair to save on some room too x

  2. 5/3/09 08:33

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    Have you hired a minibus for clothes and stuff lol!

    My dad owns a hotel in the North of Scotland and we're going up in a few weeks - hes got a cot and stuff, but its everything else we need to take!! - i think me and oh will have to wear the same clothes all weekend -no room for clean ones lol!

  3. 5/3/09 07:53

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    Hi it's a sun holiday we are going on to to Haggerston Castle.  We went to a caravan last year when I was pregnant and I'm sure they have a plug to use as the shower has a deep base if not just have to use the sink or go and get a cheap paddling pool as my dd loves her bath and it really relaxes her at bed time so don't want her to go without lol x

  4. 4/3/09 22:01

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    We're off to Primrose Valley in april (sun holiday). Ive been thinking same thing recently, we have a travel cot ready, just hope it fits somewhere. Also anyone thought about bathtime!!!! will you be giving lo's showers or a rinse in the sink LOL Ive never tried Hayden in shower!

  5. 4/3/09 20:33

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    hi, we're taking our baby away in july and we'll be stopping in a caravan. we've been told there'll be space for the travel cot i can't wait!

  6. 4/3/09 19:13

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    Thanks for the replies, I'm sure we'll fit her in somewhere probably in the connecting hallyway  lol.  I'm excited about her first holiday and the dog's even going

  7. 4/3/09 17:01

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    hi not done it yet but going to telacre beach in june so mia wil b 8 months was gona take the travel cot at first its 1 of them quite big graco 1z but then seen on a website u can get pop up 1z that go up to 18 months said they were okay for occasional use and holidays so if its a bit hard myt just put some blankets under it or sumat x

  8. 4/3/09 16:55

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    Ooo I cant wait to go to skegness in summer with jack! .. Well, thought I would leave you a reply as I used to go to skegness in a caravan with my auntie, uncle and cousins when they were about 10 months old.. >>They had triplets lol<< .. And it was a static caravan, a 2 bedroom one, not huge but they managed to fit 3 travel cots in the living room space

    Was very amusing to see at night but it worked!


  9. 4/3/09 16:44

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    We have a static caravan and we can fit a travel cot in the main bedroom. I am sure most caravans will fit a cot in somehow.Or if you have a room with single beds you could take a safety bed rail, but i would personally take a travel cot and try andfit it in.

  10. 4/3/09 16:40

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    Hi were going to a caravan for 4 nights at the end of the month just wondered if anyone has took their lo's and if they had enogh room no idea where dd will sleep is there enough room for a travel cot

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