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5 months old can he have lasagne?

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  3. 5 months old can he have lasagne?
  1. 4/8/11 11:25

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    they arent supposed to have meat, dairy or gluten (wheat) before 6 months so I would avoid it for another few weeks

  2. 3/8/11 23:36

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    I always worry about the salt content of foods when feeding my lo, if im doing homemade food and i plan to give some to lo then i will not add salt to it when im cooking. My oh adds salt to his food while we are eating as he insists that he can taste the difference when i dont put salt in. I dont add any salt to mine and never notice any difference.

  3. 3/8/11 22:33

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    Forget about guildlines feed your lo what ever you want. I agree with the no gluten before 6 months but once they hit 6 months they can have almost anything we eat. My 3 year old is the fussiest eater out there and it was my own fault cause i had my head in a book reading up on dos and donts so i stricty wen't by the guildlines and now hes a terrible eater My little man will be 6 months in a couple of weeks and from then am gonna give him all kinds. Hes already had his first chinese rib and he loved it lol.

  4. 3/8/11 19:19

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    Hi there

    I was told yesterday by HV that they are allowed red meat when 6 months as this was one of the questions I asked hence the reason I brought him an Ella's Kitchen Spag Bol today for him to try....So much contradicting advice out there isnt there....

    Its up to you if you want to try him with it but I was defo told they can have red meat.


  5. 3/8/11 16:41

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    Shouldn't be having red meat at all until 7 months. No cheese/milk/butter in white sauce until 6months and no gluten until 6months which rules out lasagna sheets. So unless its a veg based dish shpuldnt really be having It at all. Hth x ps dont mean to soind patronising its just the facts to the point x
  6. 3/8/11 16:18

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    My lo is now 5 months old and is succesfully weaned, he has never had a problem with eating normal food but can i give him lasgange i wasnt sure if he was too you to have the lasgne sheets, it would be homemade and blended down. he has had bologneise but without the pasta and he lovs pureed veg but wanted to try some thing different.

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