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17/1/13 17:20

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How long before you began using baby wipes?


  1. 1/2/13 06:31

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    Pregnant woman type thingbabi4cymru

    from about 2days i used fragrance free and huggies pure as supposedly the huuggies are like cotton wool and water the midwifes will tell you not to but i can confirm being pregnant with no 4 i used wipes from day 2 s i didnt want to use them in hospital but the bonty pack you get in hospital has wipes in it so do what you think is best

  2. 31/1/13 20:54

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    From first day. We are using just Pampers. My wee man love it xx
  3. 31/1/13 14:53

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    I used wipes from about a week old. My lb is 15months old now. I always buy fragrance free wipes but change between brands. Asda's little angels range of products are really good. He's been in their nappies from about 10months old. Wish I'd tried them sooner. Much better than Huggies or Pampers and half the price.

  4. 31/1/13 11:31

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    My little girl is 10 months old. I have only used wipes once that was when we were out and the mess was so much all over her(other than head) that I didn't know where to start! So out came the wipes. Other than that Little angels large cotton pads and water dead easy and no problems......
  5. 31/1/13 06:19

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    From day one the minute I got out of hospital used pampers sensitive! Cotton wool and water was a nightmare.

  6. 30/1/13 10:24

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    We use a mixture of pampers sensitive & huggies cotton sheets (much better than cotton wool!). Only had nappy rash when dd was diagnosed as lactose intolerant (side effect apparently).Huggies wipes made her skin go red but not sore and didn't last long - went back to pampers sensitive x
  7. 30/1/13 10:09

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    We don't use baby wipes & lb is 6.5 months. We use cheeky wipes which are washable towelling wipes (like reusable nappies) they are stored in a tub with water & lavender oil. So far we've never had any sore bottoms or nappy rash

  8. 30/1/13 06:48

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    When my little one was born he did a poo whilst having his doctor check before being discharged from hospital... Trying to be a 'good' mum I used water and cotton wool- didn't go well with the sticky black first poo!! Doctor laughed and said to use wipes. I've never looked back, wipes work perfectly. (Pampers sensitive)
  9. 29/1/13 20:26

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    I used them from day one i used the johnsons newborn wipes.x
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