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do you just stop formula at 12months & give cows milk or "wean" them from it

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  3. do you just stop formula at 12months & give cows milk or "wean" them from it
  1. 12/12/10 21:53

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    Scotpink I was confused about that with my first son aswell. I had thought it would be best to make formula milk and put it into a cup to get him used to using the cup but my mum told me it would be better to put cows milk into the bottle first so he gets used to it then cut out the bottles. At about 12 months he was off formula and about 14 months off the bottle. It couldve been quicker but I had my next baby 3 days after his first birthday so didn't want him to get jealous that the baby was taking his bottles. My younger son turned 1 today and I cut out his morning bottle yesterday, tried before but he was fussy so gave him it back. I'm still giving him formula and a bottle at night but that's just to use it up. Think in the next couple of weeks he should be off both bottles and formula
  2. 8/12/10 19:45

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    My lo was 12months on 1st dec and started giving her cows milk at 11 1/2 months as I ran out of formula. Her first bottle she had a half and half mix of cows milk and formula then the next day she went onto all cows milk and she loves it. I don't think there is one way to do it what ever is best for your lo. Ashlie X
  3. 8/12/10 18:38

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    I did it the same way Acon did though later because I hadn't realised with dd1 that I could introduce cows milk as a drink before 12 months. DD2 is 8 months old and I think from about 9 months I will look to swap one afternoon feed for cows milk then start to wean her daytime feeds gradually. We use full fat jersey cow's milk as its more nutritious and better for them

  4. 8/12/10 15:51

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    Oh, shes 12mth on Sat.

  5. 8/12/10 15:51

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    I was breastfeeding, so obviously couldn't mix it, although I still wouldn't if I was bottle feeding tbh. I just dropped a feed and replaced it with cows milk, starting at around 9mths. a few weeks ago I dropped the night feed, replaced with a bottle of cows milk then a few days ago did the same for morning.

    We are now aiming on dropping the afternoon bottle for a snack and maybe beaker of mik to sip on as shes not eating dinner.

    We've had no issues with the swap.

  6. 8/12/10 15:38

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    My DD will be 1 on the 29th, and at the moment I give her cows milk for all bottles apart from the bedtime one, where she still gets formula (and only because when i gave her cows milk she woke up in the middle of the night for more, maybe coincidence but dont want to risk messing her sleeping up!!). With DD1 i just changed her one day onto cows milk and never looked back!

  7. 8/12/10 14:47

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    my ds is 1 in 3 weeks i was going to wean him onto like pp suggests by combining it with formula until eventually he's on cows milk only. With regards to the bottle question i've started to give ds some of his morning bottle in a cup and i'm just going to increase the amount i put in the cup each day until he no longer has a morning bottle then i'll do the same with his bedtime bottle.
  8. 8/12/10 14:07

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    Its basically up to you how you do it but tbh I would recommend weaning them onto cows milk. With both my older children I swapped gradually over by mixing a couple of oz of cows milk with formula then gradually increasing it until ti was all cows milk. This helps them get used to the taste as well as helping their digestive systems. I would definitely not give a full bottle of cows milk for the first time at bed time - if it gives your lo tummy ache you'll be up all night! DD1 got tummy probs with cows milk and ended up constipated so we kept her on formula until she as about 18 months then tried again but no problems with ds. There is no right answer to this question!
  9. 8/12/10 13:15

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    im the same my lo is 11 months and im not sure how to go about it, i think illl start offering a little bit mid afternoon, then swap morning bottle first for a few days to check for any reaction/sore tummy etc then swap night time bottle.

    what im confused about is when changing to cows milk, should we keep givin a bottle or change to beakers as my lo drinks water out of a beaker but not her milk, this has resulted in her dropping her afternoon bottle as she obviously wasnt fussy for the milk and just liked the bottle- prob for comfort. so do we go the whole hog or keep the bottles

  10. 8/12/10 10:01

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    hi i have 2 kids 1 is 6 years old other is 6 months so been here with the first i took of formula on her 1st b-day and started cows milk which she reacted with badly as their are alot of allergys in family so then we had to use follow on milk which she had till she was 2 but my advice would be just do it dont think you need to wean them of formula hope this helps.

  11. 8/12/10 09:41

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    LO is 12 months in 2 weeks - has been getting cows milk from 6 months in his cereal and lately in his up during the day. Do i just stop formula altogether or would i give him for example formula in morning and cows milk at night to get him used to it? need to buy more milk and not sure what to do - stop it or wean him from it - thanks

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