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Babies birth weights and what they weigh now!

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23/10/12 10:48

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Hi Everyone, Just wanted to start my own thread as every time someone asks me how much Tyler weighed at birth I get the same 'shocked' reaction when really I don't see why! He was born a 39+4 weeks and weighed 10lb 2.5ozs. I know that's a bit bigger than normal but he wasn't and still isn't a fat baby, just extremely long and tall like his daddy. I got him weighed two weeks ago and he was exactly double his birth weight, so 20lb 5ozs, and people still act so shocked at this! Health visitors say he is putting on weight perfectly and following the line so I wish people would stop going on about it all the time. I'm proud of my boy for doing so well and it's nt like he's an elephant, he looks like any other baby just a lot taller. Sorry just needed to have a moan
  1. 2/11/12 20:47

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    My lo was born at 39 weeks weighing 6lb 6oz and now at 49 weeks he weighs 16lb 6oz. He has always stuggled with his weight gain, he is just going into 6-9 month clothes. I wish he was a bit chubbier but he is doing so well so dont worry too much. He doesnt stop moving so always burning off the large amounts of food he eats.

  2. 2/11/12 15:20

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    hi everyone Riley was born at 39+1 weighing 8lb 3oz he is now 9 months old and weighs 21lb 11.5oz hes very tall too so all in proportion


  3. 2/11/12 07:51

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    Hi nicola.... i know what you mean except my Ava was the other way around, she was only 5lb 13oz and every one commented on how small and scrawny she was, made me feel like i did something wrong in pregnancy But she gained her birth weight back and more after just 5 days!!! she is 10 weeks old and just out of newborn clothes lol. but i mustve done something right after birth as she gained loads of weight and the health visitor couldnt believe that she jumped two line in her chart! She was putting on over 1 lb a week! Its slowed down now and she was 10lb 14oz a week ago. So anyway i just wanted to say that us that have small babies get shocked replies and looks etc so i guess we cant win if we have small or big babies. I know some one thats just given birth to a 10lb 1oz baby so your not alone!!
  4. 2/11/12 00:02

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    Hi Nicola

    You just need to accept that some people are ignorant and don't have a clue, and not let comments get to you.  Sounds like your little Tyler is doing just fine!  YOU know that he is well, healthy, and happy......and that's all that matters.

    My Thorin was born at 37+2 a healthy 8lbs 6oz, he is now 10months old and weighing in at a whopping 27lbs 6oz.............and he's NOT long LOL!!!!!  Nothing wrong with a chubby baby, they're super-cuddly!  And anyone who tells you that fat babies end up being fat kids and fat adults (which I hear from "concerned people" all the time) are full of poop!!  My brother was a very chubby baby and toddler and he slimmed down when he was little just from being an active kid.........and he's now 6'2" and weighs almost nothing LOL!  I on the other hand, was a tiny delicate baby and toddler (right up till I was 21 years actually!) and now can't keep the weight off..........maybe less cream cakes would do the trick hahaha!

    Don't worry what others say.........enjoy your big boy!!!

    Tina x

  5. 1/11/12 21:03

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    Rolling head laughingkate3105

    Hi Every1

    My little boy was born at 41weeks and 1 day and he weighed a healthy 7lb9.5ozs and only lost a small amount after birth and soon overtook his birthweight and kept on growing, he is now nearly 11 mnths and almost walking, not had him weighed recently but most people comment on his chunky-ness but he is in 9-12 mnth clothes so he is all in proportion, he is quite tall for his age and enjoys his food.

  6. 1/11/12 20:40

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    I had Izzy weighed yestersday and apparently she is 33 1/2 wks (just over a wk off 8 mths) and she weighs 14lb 13oz. Just bought her a warm coat and it's a 3-6 mth size! Everyone comments on how little she is and it's quite funny seeing her sat on the floor cos she does look so tiny

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