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Very shy and clingy 18 month old - any advice?

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  1. 29/7/10 21:17

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    steph i have the same sort of thing with lewis... hes a shy little man... very much like me tbh as in shy when you meet him but after a while opens up and is bubbly and funny! used to get me all worked up as i also seemed to be saying'hes tired'  'hes hungry' etc till the other week when i just thought stuff it.. he goes to nursery 7 hours a week we go to playgroup once a week and we go to softplay places so he has plenty of time around other kidddies ( my sis in law questioned if he spent enough time iwth other lil ones )and yes he spends play days with kids.... but i just come to conclusion that he is shy.. some people are some people arent.. i get all nervous meeting new people but im fine after a little while ( i dont let ds see this btw)  anyway sorry for long post but just wanted to tell u i have felt teh same and ims ure theyw ill grow out of it as pp says

    liz and lewis x x x

  2. 29/7/10 19:30

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    She's not too bad in that respect as she does say a lot of words and can get her point across as to what she wants most of the time. It's just that when people are trying to be nice and say hello to her she cries!! My other friends toddlers are fine and don't seem to bother when a stranger talks to them but my lo won't have any of it! She also has seem to have developed a dislike for my hubby's brother and sister-in-law who made a comment that she was 'whingey' the other day - I could have smacked them as she really isn't with us. I just feel like I always make an excuse like 'she's tired' etc even if she's just had a sleep cuz people tend to back off and apoplogise cuz she's cried. Just wish she was like she is with us with others as she's the most gorgeous and sociable little girl at home xx

  3. 29/7/10 10:20

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    Snap, my 15 month old is the same, except she cries no matter if its a stranger or a family member, which is really embarrasing.  If its any reassurance, I went through the same thing with my now 3 year old and she did grow out of it.  She is now a very bubbly and fairly confident little girl now.  It is wearing tho isn't it.  Does your LO also scream alot out of frustration cos she can't talk alot etc?

  4. 28/7/10 22:36

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    Hi everyone,

    My little girl is 18 months old but I am finding it difficult at times because if ever we go out and a stranger says hello to her she gets really tearful and upset. She is getting very clingy with me especial;y if she's in a room with a few of the family then I go out she will cry. She then settles but when I come back in she gets upset again and wants to come straight to me. It's lovely that she is so close to me but i just wish she wasn't so shy and cries when anyone she doesn't know says hello.

    Is anyone elses lo really shy or does anyone have any advice?

    I'm starting her at nursery one day a week to see if this helps but only going once a week may end up being worse as she'll forget inbetween and get upset each time but unfortunately we can't afford any more days.

    Help!!!! xx

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