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what should 21 mth old be able to do?

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27/2/11 20:56

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I was just wondering what the milestones were for toddlers this age were?

my LO is 21 mths old, has walked since her b'day, runs, jumps  talks constantly (now sort of sentences)   sings whole songs (loads but favs wheels on bus, old macdonald, twinkle twinkle in english and japanese)   knows her alphabet,  can count to 12 and abit more, knows some letters and all her numbers, loves mr tumble and can do lots of sign language.

My sister works with pre-shoolers and she thinks  Ellie does alot more than some of the kids in her playgroup,  ok I talk to her all the time and sing with her alot!



  1. 2/3/11 21:39

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    She sounds very clever. Noah is 20 months and has walked since 10 months and runs around everywhere. He says loads of words and is starting to put sentences together . He could count to 6 at one point but now just messes around and repeats his favourite number for that day . My nephew is very very clever and is just like a sponge for knowledge!
  2. 2/3/11 20:14

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    Thankyou for all the replies,

    I'm sorry if I seem boastful,   Its been a while since I last had kids, there is a 16 yr gap between ellie and her bro and sis, who are 20 and 18 now.  Ellie doesn't get to play with kids her own age, just mummy, daddy and big sis alot, so lots of adult conversation.  She absolutely LOVES youtube where alot of it comes from. 

    Still gotta tackle potty training yet!! thats gonna be fun!

  3. 2/3/11 17:14

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    Well ... where do I start ? I'm proud of the things my daughter does (also 21 months old) but she does different things to your lo. She gives me cuddles (and sometimes kisses), runs, jumps, sings with me (kind of anyway). However as pps said children develop at different rates. My lo understands (and speaks) two languages so she's slower with her speech. She started walking at 15 months, she can't count to 12 (only to about 4 but in two languages) but the most important thing to me is that she's a happy, healthy child.

    So let's just appreciate our lovely toddlers and not b!tch.

    Vanessa x

  4. 2/3/11 13:26

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    In comparison it makes my Polly sound very under developed
  5. 2/3/11 10:05

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    Hi. Like everyone else i pressume this is a proud mummy post rather than just a question!

    My dd is 22 months and i thought was quite advanced but if i compare to your dd she does nothing! lol.

    She can count to six, sings wind the bobbin up with the actions and kind of sings the wheels on the bus! And her attempt at twinkle twinkle is "twinkle twinkle sttttttttaaaarr" lol.

    She knows the colours red, blue, green and yellow. And thats what we are currently teaching her!

    Shes quite good with her speech and can pretty much answer anything you ask.

    Shes also knows most animals and will make the noises. And all body parts!


  6. 1/3/11 18:01

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    I'm with Katjod I'm afraid - is this a genuine question or being boastful? And TBH, there's nothing wrong with being a proud mummy, but it's fine to say so rather than disguising it as a question.

    DS is 20 months on the 4th and has no interest whatsoever in alphabets or singing rhymes. He will point out the odd number in this book we have but I think that's more that it's been drummed into him when we're talking rather than him KNOWING the numbers IYSWIM. His speech is very good though.

    DD is nearly 4 and she is just learning her alphabet and what it means. Much like your DD, she could sing rhymes at the same age and has always had a very advanced speech/vocab. Wouldn't have known her alphabet then though. Not to rain on your parade, but it is just a recital to them at this age, rather than real comprehension.

    Fair play to you though - at least you are doing a lot with her!

  7. 1/3/11 16:38

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    Hi my dd is 18 months, she only started walking properly around 14months old. none of her words are very clear she does understand quite a lot of what we ask. she tries to count to 3 but it sounds like this .... wuuuuunnnnn 2 tweeeeeeeeeeeee which i find sooooo cute every child is different xx
  8. 1/3/11 16:10

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    Sorry, I hope this doesn't come accross really rude but are you asking if your dd is reaching milestones when she should be or boasting about what she can do?

    Like pp's I thought my dd was advanced for her 19 months but in comparison to your dd she does nothing! In fact compared to your dd, my friends 3 and 4 year old don't do a lot!

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