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swing for a 2 year old?

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  1. 12/3/09 08:53

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    our lo who is 2 yrs old is still in the little tykes baby swing seat !

    she just falls backwards on a normal seat !!

  2. 11/3/09 23:24

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    TP do a few swing seats, but i doubt a 2yr old will fit in ther baby seat, but they also do a junior seat and a wrap around seat.  They should fit on all frames.

    DD has used a big swing seat since she was 3....

  3. 11/3/09 22:12

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    i'm actually pg atm! so i think we'll get a baby seat and then if ds doesn't fit into it at least his brother will use it at some point later on. i was hoping we could get one in a sale or something later but can't really find anything cheap. found one with a t-bar that you lift up - think that's probably the best kind for the age ds is at now.

  4. 11/3/09 21:48

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    Think it depends on what type of child you have.  Ds has just turned 2 and will happily sit on a big swing, but I don't swing him that high on it.  Do you intend to have any more kids?  If so I would get a baby one, if not I would make do.  But thats personally speaking x

  5. 11/3/09 21:45

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    I still use a baby seat for dd & she will be 4 in June.  She was older in going on swings though as she was scared for a start.  She has tried the big girl seat but she is not safe on it.  HTH

  6. 11/3/09 21:18

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    we've just bought a climbing frame for our 26 month old ds, and it comes with 2 normal swing seats. i've seen baby swing seats but am wondering if he'll be too big for these? what do others use? he's never used a normal seat before and i can just see him falling off straightaway!

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