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constantly rubbing nose and face

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  1. 9/4/09 19:22

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    It sounds like allergy! I'm very allergic and when I'm kind of bad my face itches!

  2. 9/4/09 14:34

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    i agree sunshine that is the worst case scenerio but as pp said some people can get it very mild, i myself only occasionally get watering eyes and my ds and dh get the sneezing fits, maybe try some childrens antihistamine, we've got piriton and benedryl for our lo (he's 2)

  3. 9/4/09 14:18

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    My little boys does this also, he is 4 and has been doing it for last few weeks.  He rubs eyes a lot too and dr said prob hayfever as both me and his dad have it.  Funnily enough as today is rainy and overcast he is not doing it as much.  You could try some piriton and see if that helps.  Nothing to worry about I'm sure chick.....hayfever can be hideous or very mild with only couple of symptoms.  It only affects my nose, not my eyes and my brother is just his eyes.  My little boy just says its scratchy, so think it must be hayfever. 

    Lucy x

  4. 9/4/09 12:14

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    No - as someone who gets hayfever i can definitely say it's almost never just your nose for allergies.

    Lets see .... it can be runny and/or blocked nose, sneezing, itchy red eyes, scratchy back of the throat, and heavy sinuses - of which the main areas are behind your eyebrows and across the top of your cheek-bones under your eyes. Oh yeah - and because they're all interconnected - sometimes ear-ache.

    Probably worth getting him checked out by the dr if it doesn't get any better - or ask him if it hurts/ itches/tickles ?

  5. 8/4/09 19:54

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    maybe a touch of hayfever???

  6. 8/4/09 17:21

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    Hi.  My son is 2.5 and for a few weeks has ben rubbing his nose as though it's itchy but he also rubs his face or head like he's wiping something off.  I think it's probably become a habit but wondered if anyone else's lo does this.  I think if it was allergy related it would just be his nose but not sure.


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