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can antibiotics damage teeth?

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  3. can antibiotics damage teeth?
  1. 1/5/10 08:21

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    As pp said they do discolour teeth if used long term. My dd had to take antibiotics for kidney problems from 3 weeks old to 3 years and her teeth are fine but i was told it depends on the anti biotic as i was worried about her teeth. They will fix them on the NHS is its to do with long term medication xx

  2. 30/4/10 23:10

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    Yes, I believe they can cause this discolouration but I was under the impression it's the ingestion of the antibiotics and not about them actually being in the mouth iyswim.

  3. 30/4/10 22:30

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    I know that long term anti biotics are known to damage teeth and from what I understand the discolering your discribed is how anti biotics effect teeth, if I were you I would get her to a dentist asap to see if this is the case or not and then you can go from there, I do know that there are things that can be done though so don't panic but make an appointment with you dentist as soon as possible, hth, Jen x

  4. 30/4/10 21:58

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    my lo was hospitilised with chicken pox infection and had iv antibiotics for a week then she went on the orals, they were strong strength and two types. The nurses couldn't get her to take it and she would hold it in her mouth for over half hour until reflexes forced it out. When we got her home they insisted i got her to take it as she would be back in hospital for longer. My doctor prescribed them in tablet and capsule form which i crushed them in nutella, yoghurt and crushed chocolate- sometimes she would struggle for an hour to lick the nutella as one grain of the stuff was so disgusting i tried it and couldn't get the taste away. She was on them for over two weeks 4 times a day. Now 4 weeks from going into hospital i have noticed her front 8 teeth have a brown coating on them that won't come off when cleaning. Her teeth were fine before she went into hospital and admittedly when she got her midnight dose into her i was more concerned about her taking it and staying out of hospital than to think about her teeth so they weren't cleaned after them. I think it would be too soon for decay and it's brown not black the back ones seem ok from what i can see Dentist can't see her until the 13th. I am so worried, do you think the antibiotics have corroded her teeth? the pharmacist disagreed with the doc about given her the tablets at 3 years old as they werent meant for crushing and her gullet could get irritated but doc said that it was so important that she got the antibiotics that it didn't matter how they went down. Thinking logically she is here, she survived what could have been nasty so teeth are a really small price to pay but i am a mum and we all worry about everything!
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