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Wobbly tooth after a bump

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  1. 10/6/10 22:11

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    I would take your lo one to the dentist, just to get it checked. My uncle is a dentist and when my cousin (his daughter) knocked her tooth and it wobbly he sorted it out so that it wouldn't go a funny colour and didn't fall out until the adult tooth was ready to come thru. It's better to get it sorted now when they can actually do something, rather than wait and if it falls out your lo has a gap until the adult tooth arrives. HTH xxxx
  2. 10/6/10 21:48

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    my older ds was forever bumping his teeth! He knocked both his front teeth the day before he was due to start school and i thought he was gonna be starting with no front teeth! Any way the worst time one moved right forward and i had tio move it back into place, we went to the dentist who said id done right to put it back as the gums can re-tighten up and hold it in. All we had to watch for was the tooth turning a funny colour. Brown or ornagey colour was ok but grey or black meant it wouod have to come o ut as it would affect his adult teeth in his gums. Luckily it didnt change colour, he has now lost both front teeth top and bottom and one of the big top front has grown back fine, the other isnt growing so fast cos theres no room!! How he never knocked them out before now ill never know?! Sorry for all the typos too!!

  3. 10/6/10 18:41

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    SarahKaiya's mummy

    Is it still a baby tooth if so don't worry. Few years ago when i was nannying the little girl managed to yank 3 of her teeth trying to free a bracelet from her wrist i phoned her dentist and he said if they are really wobbly get her to eat an apple to pull them out if they just wobbled a little to leave them and they would fall out eventually and be replaced by adult teeth. Sure enough a few weeks later they fell out and eventually the other teeth grew in their place.

  4. 10/6/10 17:43

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    My nearly 4 year old had an accidental bump to his mouth yesterday (another child stood up in front of him and the back of this child's head banged into my son's mouth). There was a bit of blood at the time, but not much which I think was from his gum. However, that night he told me that one of his top front teeth was wobbly. I had a look and it definitely moves, though is not hanging off or anything. 24 hours on it is the same. I can't see any damamge around his gum or anything and the tooth is its normal colour. Does anyone know what is likely to happen.? Will it probably fall out or can the gum tighten it back up again?

    He is not in any pain and it is not causing problems with eating, though I haven't given him anything hard like apples obviously.

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