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what age should children be able to do buttons?

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  3. what age should children be able to do buttons?
  1. 12/6/10 10:07

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    Hi my dd was 3 in April and has just the last few weeks beeb doing buttons. She just started having a go at her pj ones. She got it straight away, but now sits opening and doing them up constantly! I think when they 1st go to school the teachers would help with things like that tho.

  2. 12/6/10 09:25

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    My dd could do large buttons at 3 yrs old (she's now 5  yrs old).  However, my nearly 3 yr old ds has no interest in getting dressed whatsoever!!

    To be honest, the school my dd goes to is always so warm, that she rarely does up her cardigan buttons!  At this age they will help (with encouragement) if a child needs help with the more complicated side of dressing!  My dd has a school dress that has one button on it that is so tight in its button hole that even I have trouble using it!  They happily help her at school if she has PE that day!

    Start with nice large buttons, and gradually make them smaller.  The buttons on our school cardis are quite small and a little fiddley, but practise makes perfect!  Good luck!

  3. 11/6/10 22:08

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    My dd was 3 when she got it.....I'd never thought to push it, she just started trying to do it one day and figured it out very quickly. It's mostly about practice (and willingness to try!). Get her something she's going to wear often with buttons and she'll get the hang of it. If she's not interested don't force it though.

  4. 11/6/10 21:41

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    title says it all really, dd starts school in sept and was thinking of buying cardigans but suddenly wandered if she would be able to do the buttons as none of her other clothes has buttons
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