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3 year old sweating excessively at night?

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  3. 3 year old sweating excessively at night?
  1. 11/8/10 14:52

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    My 2yr old is the same. I might invest in t he holy pillow lol. X

  2. 10/8/10 22:50

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    Has he had a virus recently? Sounds like it coule be a post viral thing. I had terrible night sweats a few months ago and thought it could be the menopause, lol! I was also really tired, and doc said it was post-viral and just to take vits, drink lots and get lots of rest. It went away. I would take him to the docs if you are worried.

  3. 10/8/10 09:46

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    thanks for the replies, i have just bought him a toddler pillow that has loads of holes in which is supposed to reduce the sweating so im hoping it works!

    x x x

  4. 10/8/10 09:04

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    At vast expense I bought my LO a wool filled childrens pillow ... he would sweat masses if he used a normal pillow. He is also only covered in a sheet at the moment and this seems to be keeping him warm enough but not too hot/cold either. Just a thought!
  5. 9/8/10 22:59

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    My dd is also 3 July just gone sweats so much. I wasn't concern but my lo 7months doesn't sweat as much and it's also go me thinking. She sweats so much in her sleep her pillow n hair is wet. Half the time I check on her she's got no covers on and isn't sweaty but I'm scared she will catch a cold lol!!
  6. 9/8/10 13:13

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    Hi - my dd is a sweaty girl too - she is 2.  Her hair is drenched when she goes to bed - even without the cover over her and only shorts and t-shirt on. She is generally a warm child but when she gets a temperature her hands go really really hot - weird!!!

  7. 9/8/10 11:35

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    Hello, my ds is a very sweaty boy. He sleep so well when hes too hot, if hes too cold he wakes.

    At the moment hes sleeping in a vest and nothing else not even pants and i tend to take his quilt off him once hes asleep until i go to bed.

    When he runs about he get so sweaty too and i never see any other kids like it.

    I would not worry but if you are concerned get some advice.


  8. 9/8/10 09:18

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    hi, my ds is 3 and he has always got a bit sweaty when he sleeps but i couldnt believe it when i went in last night and he was literally drenched,his pjs were soaking and even his quilt was wet! im quite worried about him really coz he also keeps saying he's tired lately even when he gets 12 hours sleep.it is quite warm in his room but he shares with his little sister and she doesnt get sweaty at all so now im panicking something could be wrong with him has anyone else experienced this?

    x x x

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