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E coli found in urine??

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  1. 1/11/10 10:16

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    thanks for your reply i have just had my letter through to see the consultant she is on her second week of anti biotics now and seems to be improving, i just worry about het as she has other problems such as epilepsy and development problems but the list goes on.

    its reasuring havin an idea of what i might be looking at in the future thankyou xx

  2. 1/11/10 08:58

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    im not sure what kind of bacteria ws in my dd's urine, but she ws 2 yr old when she gt her 1st urine infection n has had a few follow up treatments. she had a few more infections n each 1 led to another intervention. 1st we wer referred to hosp to see consultant, we then had ultrasound to check structure of her kidneys, she ws put on preventative antibiotics as had 2 more infections in this time (shes on this medicin till shes about 7 now) and she has also had a dsma scan at the childrens hospital in glasgow... i think this checked function of the kidneys. all tests came back clear, so the docs think its just sumthing shes prone to (my little sister ws the same). its alwyas been urine infections shes had, not kidney infections. shes never had pain in her back or anything. i think kidney infections can cause more damage... n each urine infection, because the lo's r so young, can cause scarring on their kidneys. i think the dsma scan checked for this.... scarring can cause reflux n stuff where urine flows backwards.... dd is 4 2morro n has had no infections now for more than a year. we hav to get annual check up dn (due in a fortnight where they review her meds etc) but as far as im aware now, we just hav this medicine to take every night now till shes around 7.... any other questions n il try n answer them chick... i kno theres def others on here been thru same stuff too cz iv asked loads of questions bout it on here, n gt lots of answers!!

  3. 31/10/10 22:52

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    hi my three year old daughter has a bad water infection and e coli bacteria had came back present in it,   i have been told she will need follow up appointments and further testing as this type of infection can cause damage.

    has anyone been through this or know anyone who has that can tell me what to expect thankyou xx

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