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free nursery/school for 3 year olds?

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  1. 11/5/11 21:47

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    also the 15 hours can be used with a pre school playgroup or an acredited childminder so do not panic if you cannot get a place at a nursery school and there is a lot more flexibity in how the 15 hour are done you could even do a playgroup for 10 hours and a childmider for 5 hours.


  2. 9/5/11 19:45

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    You don't necessarily have to pay an amount towards the fee in private nurseries. dd has been going to private nursery for just over a year now. She turned 3 in november and since January, we have not had to pay anything as it is covered in her 15 hours. If you go above the 15 hours, then you have to pay for the extra hours.
  3. 8/5/11 20:39

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    Hiya, my DS was 3 in April and off to a school nursery in sept. Both my fave local primary schools had nurseries attached so i rang them to book a meeting to meet teachers and have a look around. I was given the forms to fill in and returned both off them -as desperate for him to go to one of them. He's luckily been offered a place. I would say if your sure you want them to go hurry with getting forms back as places for sept usually go quickly. If you dont get a place though your lo's can still go to a priave nursery and recieve grant but you will have to pay an amount towards the fee. x 

  4. 8/5/11 20:12

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    Sorry should have said they will start school Sept 2012 (which you will apply for later this year) so maybe find out what their catchment school is as there may be a nursery attached which will obviously help them meet children they may go to school with x

  5. 8/5/11 20:07

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    Hi free nursery for 3 year olds starts the term after their 3rd birthday, so your twins would start in September, it's 15 hours a week term time, either 5x 3 hr morning or afternoon sessions or 3x 5 hr sessions. You would need to apply to your local nurseries when you get back to UK, just saw your previous post about emergency housing, sorry to hear about your situation, don't know anything about that one but really hope everything works out for you and the twins xxx

  6. 8/5/11 20:07

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    Your twins will be eligible for 15 hours of FREE nursery time as from September.

    This can be used in any setting that you wish to use, nursery, pre-school, etc

    Unless you desperately want to start sending them straight away I would leave it to give yourselves chance to look at whats in your area and spaces available-bear in mind there will be more spaces available in Sept as older children would have gone to school.

    Any additional hours you wish to send them would have to be paid for.

    It really will depend on your circumstances but.................HTH

  7. 8/5/11 19:56

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    i have been out of the country for a year and going back to england on wednesday, my twins are 3 on 5th june and i dont have a clue what its about and how i get them into school please help xx
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