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Help what should a 3 year old be able to do?

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First post in thread.

4/7/11 22:51

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Hi we have a 3 year old daughter and am not sure if she is reaching milestones or falling behind as she is our first

she is fully potty trained day and night ,sleeps all though 7 - 7 ,washs and brushes teeth independantly .she  knows all her abcs to say them ,can count to 50 in units and 100 in tens ,reconize all written numbers 1-20 ,read and write basic sentances ie i am a cat, we love ball games that type of thing ,knows her name in full age d.o.b and adress , can ride a bike with stabilizers ,eats a wide varity of foods , small multiplications ie 2+2= , knows her body parts and where they are located ie arm head etc , knows some vital organs and thre location like heart brain stomach.

Please help are these things normal or should she be doing more. very worried as she starts school in september.

Thanks for reading x

  1. 7/7/11 15:54

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    yep she is way ahead, she can do way more than my 4 1/2 yr old ds! he can count to 20 but i dont think he would recognise all the numbers written down! and he has only just started learning to write his name, though he can do some amazing drawings he can actually draw better than dp lol! theyre all different so try not to compare, theres absoloutly no point, your lo will develop in her own time. i have 3 kids so i have learnt to relax on these things, they arent little for long so as pp said just relax and enjoy her!! x

  2. 7/7/11 12:51

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    Hi, I am an infant teacher and reading your post I don' t think you've got anything to worry about. Like pp said your dd sounds like she's way ahead for her age. Teachers don't really expect them to be able to read or write when they start school although obviously it will stand her in good stead! Useful skills are own name recognition, correct pencil grip and scissor control (most of which is covered in pre school). As another pp mentionned practical things like putting on shoes, coat and P.E kit are also handy. I think your lo sounds like a very bright wee girl and I would just try to relax and enjoy her. xx

  3. 6/7/11 07:37

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    After reading your post and replying I couldn,t help but check the developmental milestones for a 3 year old, as i said I though your child was very ahead.  Just thought you might like to see what is expected of a 3 year old child.  Milestones include, Counting 2-3 objects, using 3-5 words in a sentences, naming at least 1 colour, knowing first and second name, paying attention for 3 minutes, being able to turn the pages in a book one at a time and being able to remember and talk about what happened yesterday. 

  4. 5/7/11 22:32

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    I wouldn’t be concerned at all. If anything I think your daughter is very ahead for her age. I don’t know any 3 year old who can read or write and count to such large numbers. My daughter was 4 at the start of april. She can count to 20 and recognise numbers, write her own name and the initials of her friends and knows all shapes and colours. Shes not reading anything (apart from her and friends names and numbers) but I’m not one bit concerned as its not something which I would have been expecting her to do at this age anyway. Hope the replies have helped to ease your concerns

  5. 5/7/11 16:27

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    Sounds fine to me.  My dd is 4 in September and she's pretty similar on the whole.  Can't remember if you said or not, but just practice putting shoes on and off the right feet, zipping up coat, wiping bum after using the toilet etc (if she's not already that is), learning to open and shut a lunch box if she's taking packed lunches, as it will make things easier for her at school.  But she sounds fine, i wouldn't worry x

  6. 5/7/11 16:03

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    Hi from what you say about your dd she isn't behind at all, but i know what you mean, when you have just the one you do wonder, i constantly wonder whether my dd is doing what she should be but as she seems to be doing the same sort of stuff as her little toddler friends i'm less anxious about it now x

  7. 5/7/11 15:34

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    your childs development sounds absolutely fine, imo your friends have probably said that your lo is behind because your lo is further infront and they dont want to hear it. my ds is behind and his little best mate is infront, its no good comparing him to his little friend because they are the same age but development wise there is about 18months, every child is different but if your lo was in nursery they would have raised concerns if your lo was really behind x x

  8. 5/7/11 14:00

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    it seems the nasty comments have been deleted.

    tbh i cant see why you'd think shes behind? i presume shes 4 over the summer? seems so yougn to start school ah well our babies have to grow sometime lol

    my son is 3 and 7 (nearly 8 months) and he can do many things but not what you described. i know no 3 years who can do all that tbh so either your friends are being mean and jealous or all there kids are child genuis'

    my son can count to 12 and sometimes fails that (altho teacher tells me diff hes more clever at school than letson at home), knows his colours recognises his name, hes learning phonics too. he can dress himself, go to independantly, put own shoes on and even is fairly good at washing hands on own too. he can follows instructions can talk coherently and hold an understandable conversation ~(hes very ahead in speech mostly due to fact hes a clear talker) these are only things i can think your lo will need for school. as shes quite ahead she will be given less help initially as the teacher will need to help less brainy ones as many children go to school not knowing any numbers, colours, their own name or evn how to dress on own!

  9. 5/7/11 12:50

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    I have just read this and my son is 3 and nowhere near doing all the things you have described.  He can count and read his alphabet and some words but not multiplications and I am struggling to potty train him.

    I don't think you have anything to worry about but I am now


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