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My 2 year old wants me to spoon feed her - advice please!

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  3. My 2 year old wants me to spoon feed her - advice please!
  1. 1/8/11 11:20

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    Hey, My little girl (soon to be 3) has just started doing the same thing! I think that at this age they are learning that they're older now, and so bigger and more "grown up" things are started to be expected of them, like feeding yourself! To begin with I think my daughter enjoyed the independence, she was always so quick to want to do all these new things that she saw me doing. But the novelty wears off, and I think she would like the attention too. It's so difficult when you know they will eat if YOU feed them, but if you leave them to do it themself they claim to not like the food, and it isn't nice knowing they aren't eating. Try and get her some fun looking cutlery, and a plate with a picture on. Sometimes I will tell my little girl to find the pretty picture at the bottom (which requires eating the food!). You could also try getting her to identify with you, tell her how you're using your cutlery and feeding yourself, and you'd like her to show you how she does the same. I guess the only way to ensure it doesn't become a bad habit is to let her go hungry if she doesn't eat it, then she will learn that if she would like to eat she must do it herself. This is what people keep telling me; but I really don't want it to come to that! Good luck! Hopefully for both our children, it's just a phase!
  2. 31/7/11 01:08

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    I think if you try and get your dd to show your new baby how to eat if she doesn't want to it could work against you.

    I don't think this has anything to do with the new baby - I remember my dd doing it and my godson - they are the first born and their next siblings are 4 years down the line and they had both already gone through this.

    My ds is 2 and went back to being spoon fed a few months ago - he does it on and off - I am not expecting another one!

    Just go with the flow and don't make it an issue - treat is as normal, so no over-praising.  I promise you won't be spoon feeeding a 5 year old!

  3. 29/7/11 21:15

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    Thankyou everyone!

    Really helpful to know that other children do this too!

    I think I'll carry on with it but not make a habit of it and make sure she knows that it's not the fact that she is being fed that I am praising, but that she is eating the food. Hopefully when baby arrives I can start saying things like "show him what a big girl you are" and get her to teach him how to eat etc.

    Thanks again, and good luck with all your children's mealtimes!

  4. 29/7/11 20:34

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    My 4 year old son and 2 year old daughter still do that occasionally. I think it suddenly occurs to them that they are growing up and they just want to be a baby for a little while longer. I refuse to do it overall but will if they are feeling very delicate. I praise them a lot for good eating all by themselves. I also have a 4 month old and so they have both been pushed out of that prized baby position.
  5. 29/7/11 12:30

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    hi, exactly the same happened with my ds1 when he was 2.5. from 18 months onwards he had refused to let me feed him anymore and did it himself but got slowly fussier until he wasnt eating anything other than toast, yoghurt, fruit and breadsticks. then one day i thought i would just try feeding him myself again and he ate the whole meal! he continued to allow me to feed him and would play up when i didnt so i just carried on as i was so happy he was eating properly again.he did get more independant again and mostly fed himself for a while but about 6 months ago he reverted back again so now he is 4 1/2 and i am still spoon feeding him about 50% of the time. if its one of his favourite meals he will do it himself but everything else i have to help him with its not ideal but at least he is eating a healthy balanced diet, i am still terrified he will revert back to his yoghurt,toast,fruit and breadstick days! im hoping once he starts school in sept it will improve. my dd is 2 and *touch wood* so far is brilliant at feeding herself and eats really well so i hope she doesnt follow in ds' footsteps! x

  6. 28/7/11 22:40

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    I remember my daughter doing this at that age and sometimes she reverts back even now,  she is 3.5.  Some days she cannot be bothered to eat but will if fed or constantly encouraged.  Today she ate properly, with speed and it was a joy.  I find that sometimes feeding her is not an issue, especially if they have not been eating very well but I tend to make sure I say things like are you a baby today? Babies need feeding not big girls.  and Oh dear babies can do xxxx.  Generally gets her motivated to feed herself again.

    She may well be reverting back or just needing a little extra from mummy as kids can sense these things.  Good luck!

  7. 28/7/11 21:41

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    Just wondered if anyone has got any advice please?

    My little girl turned 2 last week and her eating habits have slowly been going downhill over the past few months. I wasnt too worried until she started refusing food at every meal time and I didnt seem to be getting anything inside her.

    The other day I got so annoyed that I just picked up her spoon and put it in her mouth. And she continued to eat her whole meal, which at the time I realised she hadnt done for a very long time!

    I did it again tonight and again she ate her whole meal, which when I first put infront of her she announced "I dont like it" - she loved it!

    Im worried that this will cause a bad habit, and she will constantly want me to feed her.

    I am due to have a baby in 4 weeks and think that it might be her way of reverting back to baby behaviour. She has started talking babyish too.

    Has anyone done this without having a problem when going back to them feeding themselves?

    Is it best to just get the food into her this way even though it might cause bad habits later on?

    Sorry I've rambled, baby brain!

    Thankyou so much!

    Kirsty and Freya

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