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Too much milk for 2 year old?

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  1. 5/9/11 19:01

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    12-20 oz (minimum of 350mls which is approx 12oz) is recommended from age 1 so it sounds like your lo is taking much more than that so I would definitely cut back a bit.  The Babycentre website says this:

    Milk, cheese and yogurt
    Offer your child these foods about three times a day. Dairy products provide plenty of calcium for growing bones, but are extremely low in iron. Toddlers need less milk than babies and should not be given large bottles of milk. Offer about 120ml (4fl oz) of milk in a cup as a drink. In total, your toddler should have no more than 350ml (12fl oz) a day. Large drinks of milk will reduce your toddler's appetite for other foods, especially those higher in iron

  2. 5/9/11 14:47

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    My ds is 2 and half and has 3  lots of 7 oz of full fat milk a day as a drink.  He sometimes has extra drinks and more milk on his breakfast.

    As Anna says, I don't think there is too much milk at this age.  There is a minimum recommendation of 1 pint of full fat milk up to the age of 5.

    There may be underlying reasons why your dd has gone off food, like teething or frightened of choking, for instance.  SOmetimes children can associate something completely random with food.  Personally I think you should have a chat with your HV before you start limiting her milk, as it may be better that she gets her calories with her milk and some vitamin drops if she won't eat, rather than getting nothing!

    Good luck.


  3. 5/9/11 13:11

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    My 2 year old son has a cup of milk on waking, then another cup or half with breakfast (we use basic tommee tippe cups or toddler size open cup), then nursery gives them a snack and milk mid morning and another one before bedtime. However, he has 3 big meals on top of this and often asks for seconds.

    There is no such thing as too much milk, as long as she eats her food as well.

  4. 4/9/11 20:40

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    Thanks for all your replies ladies. I have cut the milk down today and will continue to do so over the next few days. Thanks for all the advice, much appreciated!
  5. 4/9/11 19:12

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    Have you tried giving her breakfast before her 'morning milk' so at least she has some solid food in her to start the day?  But def agree with others, she's filling up on milk - tbh for a busy 2 yr old it's easier to fill up on that than have to sit and make the effort to eat, so personally I'd cut back.

  6. 4/9/11 14:05

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    I agree that your dd is having too much milk! Milk should not be her main source or calories and goodness at this age, that should come from proper food. I would just cut it back to morning and night and see how she goes. She will no doubt protest at first but just be strong and stick to your guns as she must be missing out on other vital nutrients.

    My twins are 2 yrs 9 mths and just have milk when they get up in the morning, around 8oz or so, they drink that while I drink my tea!


  7. 4/9/11 12:56

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    I have a 2 and half year old and he has 2 beakers a day 10 oz but he eats 3 good meals a day aswell but he isnt fat or anything x

  8. 4/9/11 10:39

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    Hi my dd who will be 3 this month has a beaker before bed and milk on cereal. When she was about 2 she used to drink more than that and her appetite was rubbish, i had to take her to her GP one day for something else and he took one look at her pot belly and asked me how much milk she was having, ath that time she was having milk when she woke up, some at about 11 then 3 then before bed. He said it was too much and to stop it as too much calcium can block iron absorption, plus the fact she was filling up on milk and nothing else. Anyway since then her diet is much better, so i i have to agree with you in that i think your lo is having too much during the day, sorry for the long ramble!!!

  9. 4/9/11 09:55

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    She has things with milk in but doesnt seem to want other foods like she used too (like potato, bread etc). She has a bottle of milk when she wakes, then asks for one for breakfast and then throughout the day and then a bottle at bedtime to help sleep. I think I am going to try cutting down on the milk during the day because I think it maybe too much.
  10. 3/9/11 22:10

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    My 2 stopped drinking milk during the day quite early on, around about 12-18 months old - just one cup before bed for them both now. They have milk in their cereal and they have plenty of cheese/yogurts etc.

  11. 3/9/11 20:30

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    My 2 1/2 year old dd loves drinking milk (whole milk) but I think maybe she is having too much (if that's possible!). She asks for it alot but has stopped eating proper food as much. I havent been too concerned (until now) as I know the milk is good for her but now she hardly eats solid food during the day. She is quite petite (always has been) but she is a healthy, happy child, no problems, sleeps great How much are your lo's drinking milk wise?
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