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Dizzy, stomach twinges & sore boobs?

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  1. 6/1/10 19:23

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    Glass of winenikkiward1

    Hi Claire, it is the not knowing part that drives me mad! I thoght I was pregnant last month as had symptoms and was late but turns out I just had a blip in my cycle!

    I hope your tests go ok


  2. 6/1/10 19:14

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    Glass of wineClaireoll

    I am now 12 days late for period.  I didn't feel like AF was going to come as I did not have any of my usual PM symptoms.  Since approximately 2 days after AF was due I had mild cramps, which got stronger over last weekend, then I got a small amount of brown discharge.  Now the cramps have stopped and my boobs are absolutely killing me, tingling and swollen, plus I am off my food.  I went to the doctors yesterday and she said if I was pregnant a water test would show by now.   She did one of those dipstick tests and I have protein in my urine??  I am going to get my bloods done one Friday morning.  Hopefully they will find out what's wrong. 

    I know what you are all going through and it's hard, but I believe we will get there in the end :-)  I have had four fainting spells this month, which just isn't like me and I also keep going dizzy on and off like you.  I hope for me and you these are positive signs!

    Claire xx

  3. 5/1/10 15:48

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    Glass of winetinyflutter

    Aww bless you all.. im getting sore boobs and headache im on 2DPO and CD20 so shouldnt be gettin any symptoms yet i dont think.. but good luck to you all that are testing!! baby dust to you all.  

    Tinyflutter xx

  4. 5/1/10 15:21

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    Glass of winezoe20!

    im on cd 30 now i testebfn on cheapie test gonna test tomoro 1 day late sooo hope its bfp!! il b sooooo excited!! lol, i got a banging headache feel like im gna come on so i dunno y i have my hopes up! will b gutted if i ent preg thnx for the baby dust heres sum for u too xx

  5. 5/1/10 15:18

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    Glass of winenikkiward1

    They are not cramps as my af cramps are like a dull ache but these are just like shrt pains.

    Have you experienced the dizziness - nothing bad but enough to notice


  6. 5/1/10 15:15

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    That is how I feel when I take my bra off and my nipples feel funny - tmi! I have a long cycle but always ov as get cm and have had my bloods done.

    I am sure my boobs do not feel like this every month, they also look rounder?

    Lots of [bd} for us both


  7. 5/1/10 15:14

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    when im due af my boobs only hurt in morning, when i take bra off or when lo jumps on me! rest of time fine!

    wheni was pregnant they only hurt in morning but tohe point icoudlnt sit up as the weight was so much! had to hold them to sit up and gradually let go!

    as for cramps- i get cramps up to a week before af and only quite mildly. with jem i got them just after a bfp so thought test was wrong! however af never came so really its hard to tell girls!

    im 3 days late for af and had no symptoms whatsoever yet getting bfns! didnt get symptoms with lo yet still another week till i got them with him but still not expecting a bfp!

    good luck girls! i hope it is bfp!

    ps if the twinges arent like cramps coudl be your uterus adjustng to a possible pregnancy! id begin testing from cd 30 if youve not come on1 i tested on cd 29 as af didnt come at usual time and again yesterday! test every 48-72 hours as thats how long it can take for hcg to rise although for others testing next day after a bfn has worked!

  8. 5/1/10 15:06

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    me 2 hun im on cd 30 last month had a 30 day cycle, thn b4 a 28 cycle n b4 then a 29 cycle, so i dont kno but i like u have ad reli sore boobs reli hurt to take my bra off, had a reli weird tummy yesterday n keep havin odd period typeish pains on n off thru day xx

  9. 5/1/10 12:50

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    Glass of winenikkiward1

    Hi as title says - I am due on any time now. cd's normally 32-38 days but last month for soem reason was 52 - never been that before. Anyway I am sure it is because I am dues to come on but I keep getting little twinges along and below my knicker line & around my stomach - about 3 incjes below my ribs, my boobs hurt, hard to describe the feeling as it it strange (I normally get sore boobs when af due but normally go hard but not done this) and keep feeling slightly dizzy!

    Anyone else had this - it is more than likely my body playing games!

    Difficult to know when to tests with strange cycle last month.


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