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Can a Clearble Fertility Monitor give a false `peak` reading? I`m so confused!!

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  3. Can a Clearble Fertility Monitor give a false `peak` reading? I`m so confused!!
  1. 1/6/10 14:40

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    Thanks for the reply i do try and stick to gf diet esp now when preg again its just hard once u have the taste of things u cant have lol
  2. 31/5/10 22:30

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    hey andreaemma

    ive become quiet an expert on coeliac...lol ive had it all my life but im also a nurse working in a gastroenterology ward & one of our consultants is on the the leading coeliac researchers in northern ireland.

    if you've had the camera test down the throat...then biopsys have been taken to diagnose you with coeliac...this is a def that you have it.

    they say some ppl can have different degrees of sensitivity to the gluten..... & how it effects ppl with differ from person to person

    it can be inheredity.... not nessessarily true in all cases....they say that there are loads of undiagnosed ppl or misdiagnosed....& that it is alot more common than ppl think.

    i can understand how difficult it can be to stay on the gf diet...but i would highly recommend it even tho ur feeling fine......the gluten intolerance causes the lining of the bowel to alter....which can cause a gradual malabsorption of vital vitamins & nutrient of foods.

    Also bear in mind...there is a higher risk factor of developing bowel cancer too...even tho u feel fine....the gluten will be disturbing the natural linning of ur bowel

    i hope that makes sense..... if your confused or need to ask anything or want to talk about anything...just ask xxx

  3. 31/5/10 20:02

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    Hi i am jumping in here from DIS but just looking for advice really i was diagnosed with ceoliac 2 years ago while preg with my first son after suffering pains in my belly for years there always use to say water infection take tabs and id be fine which i was for a while but theyd return anyway did final est after givingbirth the one down the throat and they said i def did have it but since the day of that test so before i got the results i had been fine better than ever infact but started GF diet anyway but the thing is i do occassionly cheat i cant help it and nothing happens i feel fine i have also never had any symtonm of it apart from belly ache which i have never had for 2 years now and also its suppose to be hereditry by no one in my family has it at all, theres other facts which dont add up either lol but cant remember what they are but what do u ladies think??
  4. 31/5/10 19:33

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    Hi Charly,

    I was diagnosed with Coeliac disease nearly four yeasr ago - so still have fond memories of real bread, maltesers, doughnuts and beer!!!

    Yes, I am using a BBT thermometer, its in Farenheight though!

    Ni Niccie - I think you may be right about FF - I will keep charting but I think I'm going to put my faith in the CBFM for a few cycles.

  5. 31/5/10 18:24

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    Hi ya Claire!!

    As you know I'm a massive fan of the cbfm lol, one of the reasons is that it cant give you a fauls reading!! it either picks up the hormones or doesnt!!!

    I know that fertilty friend is meant to be great, But I used it for 2 months when I 1st sarted ttc, and It didnt seem to go in line with what my body was actually doing . Also eveb tho charting your bbt is great again its not that accurate, for example, you could leave your window open andthe covers off and this could take your down slightly, or really hot night and you wrapped up in covers and increase it slighlty, and with using a bbt thermoeter this will pick it up... So stick with the cbfm


  6. 31/5/10 18:03

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    yeah ..its crap..lol how long have you been a coeliac?? ive been since a baby..so ive been lucky enuff...i know no different xx

    I think ur chart is right at the min...i think u'll get ur crosshairs in the next few days

    ur temps are still low at the min.......had to view in celsius...lol there sitting between 36.3 & 36.4 ......going by ur last cycle ur post ov temps were 36.5 and above xx

    oohh can i ask....are you using a normal thermomter or a bbt thermomter (should have 2 decimals places)


  7. 31/5/10 17:27

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    Thanks for opinions. I am confused because a few days ago FF said that I had ovulated on CD 12 but my monitor read 'high'. Then when I entered my first peak reading on CD 15 into FF the crosshairs disapeared and I got a message saying 'no clear ovulation'.

    Also confused as my temps don't really tally up with the CBFM readings..... but I am inclined to put my faith in the CBFM as its a urine test, just wanted a second opinion LOL!

    Yes, I'm a coeliac  - rubbish isn't it!!

  8. 31/5/10 17:17

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    huni...i dont think it can give you a false peak reading aswel

    it has picked up the LH surge....plus they say u can still ov on the high reading after the 2nd peak...

    its too early yet for ff to give you ur crosshairs yet so dont be worrying...ff usually waits until u have at least 3 days of consecutive higher temps b4 it will give u crosshairs...but if ur temp climbs up more 2maro...u could get ur ov line on cd15 on ur first peak xx

    love ur profile name..lol i take it ur a coeliac??  i am too xx

  9. 31/5/10 16:42

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    Hi I dont think thta the cbfm can give false readings because it is picking up the chemicals in your body.Ive been using it for about 3 months and was using persona before that ive been using them side by side and they both agree.

  10. 31/5/10 15:42

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    Hi girls,

    Need your opinions on this. i'm on cycle 2 of TTC #1 - I came off the pill in April this year after being on it nearly 10 years. Halfway through my last cycle I started to chart my BBT and use Fertility Friend. My first pill-free cycle was 29 days, then this cycle I am still charting and also using a Clearblue Fertility Monitor.

    So, I've used 10 sticks this month. I got 5 'high' readings, then two peak readings on CD 15 & CD16, I'm now CD17 and back to 'high'. So you would assume that I've ovulated on CD 15 or 16...... BUT, my BBT chart does not show that I've ovualted, my temperature actually went down today, not up.

    This is my chart on Fertility friend (you need to scroll down the page to see it) http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/2e648a

    What do you think? Did I ovulate?

    On my last cycle (not using CBFM) FF said I'd ovulated on CD20. I'm wondering if its possible for the CBFM to give a 'false' peak reading. If it detected the LH surge is this even possible? Or is a peak reading confirmation of ovulation?

    I'm very confused!

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