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whens a good time to have baby number 2?

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  1. 4/8/10 15:41

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    Hi, I have 16 month age gap between my 2 and although I found it fairly easy up until my youngest was about 1, I've found it very hard coping with 2 very strong willed toddlers.  Although now at 4 and 2 1/2 they do play nicely sometimes and they are close but they constantly fight for attention.  I think an older first child would probably slightly more understanding than another toddler.  You are also getting into double buggy territory which is a challenge in itself!  you have to double up on carseats rather than the youngest taking the eldest ones once they have grown out of it!  The eldest goes into a bed quite early otherwise you're into 2 cots! It's effectively like having twins except these children have different needs. My second wasn't planned hence the age gap and if I had my time again I would much prefer a larger age gap of about 3 years.  Having said all that I'm expecting that as they both get older it will get easier and if anyone knows any different please don't tell me as I am happy living in denial!!  HTH XX

  2. 4/8/10 09:19

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    Hi as others have already said I don't think there really is a right time to have baby #2 it just comes down to the individual and their circumstances ofcourse and what they may feel/like rergarding the closeness in age etc. If it's what you and your family want then I say go for it but I don't think I could of managed a baby under 1 aswell as being pregnant even though I do recall feeling broody back then my little one is now 22 months. hth and good luck. x

  3. 4/8/10 09:13

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    My DD is 3 and half and I am now 6 weeks pg with no 2. We wanted an age gap of about 5-6 yrs but my maternal instinct took over! (Fingers crossed this little bean sticks.)There will be a four year age gap and I am very pleased with this. We don't have to buy more prams to cope with 2 children etc etc. Plus DD will be in school and this will give me time with the lo. My DD will be at an age were she will be able to help me too. I know she will love a brother or sister. I think only yourself will know. There are pros and cons of having a small or large age gap. Do what's right for you and your lo.
  4. 4/8/10 07:54

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    Hi, to be honest hun i think that when your body is saying 'ah i'd love another baby' then you are probably ready. With me when my baby gets to about 13 months and can walk and eat by themselves and dont need my attention as much i get very broody but then takes a few months for my df to weigh the pros and cons and agree with me.

    Theres 2yrs 2months exactly between my dd and ds and i love the gap between them ( she was old enough to know what she couldnt do with him but could give him cuddles and get toys for him and also play independantly) but theres 14 mths between my son and my goddaughter and they play lovely together too but does have to be watched incase he pokes her eyes etc. Of course a large age gap is great as you can have the full day to you and baby,  but once i get broody i cant wait (especially not years) and constantly nag until i get my way haha. Also im biased and like close age gaps!



  5. 3/8/10 16:11

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    i always used to want to have mine close togerther but things didnt got our way (financial worries put us off having another) ds is now nearly 6 and we are ttc number 2. i would never have dreamed of a gap as big as this but now it seems perfect, ds is old enough to understand whats going on and is pretty independent so not too demanding when i will be pg or looking after a  baby, also he is settled at school so i will have the day to myself with new baby time to bond ect then pick up after school and spend some time together,  everyones situation is different and what you plan may not always work out.

  6. 3/8/10 13:52

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    Hiya hun there's 1 year & 10 days between my youngest two. Lewis is 17 months & Aaron is 5 months & they are so close it's lovely to see the special bond they have. I'm currently ttc my last baby as i'm 38 this year. i'm on my 5th cycle and due af/bfp on the 12th x

  7. 3/8/10 13:03

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    Everybody is different hon, your right it sounds like hard work having two kids under the age of 2, but you'll always mange, and they reckon kids that are close together grow up very close together.  I love the age gap between my two girls - just over 3 years.  Because my eldest was 'road safe' by the time dd2 came along so could walk along side the pram etc.  Do whats right for you and your hubby x

  8. 3/8/10 13:00

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    sounds like a silly question but i have an 11week old and i really miss my bump. i would love to be pregnant again but keep thinking could i cope with a 1 year old and a massive bump. lol. then i think should i leave it a year or 2. how long would u leave it before having another one. xx

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