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Have taken phenylephrine and TTC - Advice pls?

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  3. Have taken phenylephrine and TTC - Advice pls?
  1. 8/12/10 09:31

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    By the sounds of all of the replies, and people I've spoken to, it seems that lots of people have had things that they really shouldn't have before knowing they are pg.  I think we would be so unlucky for it to affect baby.  I'm feeling bit better now and trying not to worry.

    Weezie3 - I really wouldn't worry, after looking on medeline.com I feel so much better, can't remember exact stats, but it said something like 1500 women that took phenylephrine in first trimester were monitored and there were 0 birth defects.  I think a lot of info on internet is worst case senario!!  I can't open the PDf file now, but see if you can find it.  And most people have a drink, I had few glasses of wine aswell when ill as felt bad!!  Please don't worry too much.  I do know how you feel though, as when I started this thread was beside myself with worry!

    SD22  - Glad your DS was absolutely fine.   Sometimes not knowing is best, as then you don't worry!!

    Shazzer77 - Good luck testing end of this week  

    Good luck to all TTC and thank you all for replies xx

  2. 7/12/10 20:31

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    me! im pooping myself. got bfp today saying 3+ weeks. 2 weeks ago i got 2 bfn's so had a few drinks then last weekend took 2 cold and flu tablets. i feel so stoopid! never drink or take tablets when im pg :-( was drowning my sorrows coz of bfns. wasnt gonna take tablets but thought "2 bfn's, no chance im pg, so may aswell take them!" so wish i hadnt now.

  3. 6/12/10 22:20

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    Hi mumofsamuel,  you're quite right, people carry on with allsorts not knowing they're pregnant.  I'd drunk loads of vodka the night before I found out I was pg with my daughter as I didn't even think that I might be pg!  Thankfully she was absolutely fine.  My af was due today so I'm going to hold out until the end of the week and if it's still not arrived i'll be testing then......fingers crossed and everyone ttc xx

  4. 6/12/10 21:51

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    I'm taking sudafed for my sinusitis atm and although not pg at the moment it just reminded me that I actually took this when I was pg with ds!  Don't think I even thought about it back then tbh and I'd even taken diazepam too as I'd gone on holiday and need it for flying!  He was absoloutely fine thankfully, and as pp's have said many people take alsorts without knowing they're even pg and it does no good to worry but I'll be remembering this when I start ttc this month x

  5. 6/12/10 21:35

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    Thank you so much for your replies. 

    I had a look on the medline website and that was pretty helpful, confirms low risk of birth defects!  Thanks Possible10.

    Shazzer77 - Good luck, when are you due to to a test?

    Christy86 - Yes, you are right, lots of people take things and lots of people don't know they are pg for a while so carry on as normal! 

    Thanks everyone!!  


  6. 6/12/10 15:11

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    hi...i'd try not to worry too much.

    i didnt know about the not sharing blood supply with baby til 6 weeks...but that sounds good. means nothing would have gotten thru to baby anyway. (if you do get your bfp)

    ALSO...think of all thsoe people taking drugs and alcoholics who have healthy babies with no birth defects.... i dont think 1 lemsip would do much harm...

  7. 6/12/10 14:56

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    Hi, I have just stumbled across this thread and it's like someone has read my thoughts!  I've had a nasty cold for over a week and was taking supermarket own brand lemsips which clearly displays 'contains phenylephrine' on the box.  I purposely looked at the small print to see if it said to avoid taking during pregnancy etc and it said nothing at all so I wasn't concerned until now.  I will have a look at some of the suggested sites to get more info but fingers crossed for us.

  8. 6/12/10 14:15

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    Hi, I wouldnt worry. Like the other poster, the foetus doesnt ahre your blood supply until implantation and growth of placenta so am sure you ll be fine. You can log onto the product producer or go to medlineplus.com, or BNF  for any research on phenylephrine when pregnant if u want some stats... and bit more info.x


  9. 6/12/10 14:02

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    Thanks so much for your reply,  you have made me feel bit better.  Will let you know what happens in a few days!     And if I am, yes, will ask dr and see what they say.  Thank you!

  10. 6/12/10 07:50

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    Hi, try not to worry! I'm not sure if it applies to drugs, but from what I've read it says u don't share blood with baby til about 6 weeks, so if u have a drink or something like that it shouldn't cause a problem. If u r preg perhaps tell dr/mw and they could do an early scan? I'm sure it's just a small chance of birth defects anyway!
  11. 6/12/10 01:20

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    Hi, I'm new on here and any advice would be really appreciated. 

    I am TTC and had a terrible cold last week, stupid me didn't realise that  phenylephrine was dangerous when pregnant, and felt so awful, I took some own branded lemsip type drink, which contains it.  Only googled it after and then everything I found came up saying not to take it and it can cause birth defects. There is a chance I could have been between 1 and 2 weeks when taken it.   Not had af yet, due Tuesday, but I cannot stop worrying about this, and getting symptons, although this could be my paranoia.

    If anyone else has any experience of this, would appreciate any adivce - thanks


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