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Smiley face on clearblue digital ovulation test for a 8 days in a row??

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First post in thread.

15/3/11 19:23

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Hi all..

I brought the clearblue digital ovulation test for the first time this month. My last period finished on the 27th of Feb...i roughly have a 24 day cycle..so was due to test around the 6th march...

I did so..and there was a smiley face...i was well suprised since it was the first time i ever used it didnt expect seeing a smiley straight away..anyway i have been testing every day since and i have had a smiley Face??

According to the test instructions you only have the smiley face on your TWO most fertile days.. surely i cant be ovulating for over a week? whats going on? any ideas.Ive dne everything correctly even pressed the eject button when removing stick...?

  1. 17/3/11 17:20

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    I hope its your bfp hun and I am so sorry to read about your little girl. Best of luck x

  2. 17/3/11 15:29

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    i'm so sorry to hear about you dd i can't imagine what you must have been through i really hope this is it for you hun and it brings a little bit of happiness into your life keeping everything crossed for you xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. 17/3/11 15:23

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    I.A Hope it is too... just a waiting game...

    Ever since my little girl passed away, all i can think of is haaving another baby,,,not to replace her bec she could never b replaced, but to bring bak some happiness into r lifes. She was my 1st, so i don;t even have any1 else i could concentrte on...all my time gos by thinking of what she'd b like if still here.She was 6 weeks when passed away, but very sick...sometimes i think atleast all her pain has gone away...ans shes at Peace i.a.

    I just hope i fall pregnant again sooon,,its gona be hard but  its all i want...I had another smiley today. I dont really wana do a Hpt untill im due on..fedup of doing  em early and getting disheartned when a negative...so will wait and see...xxxxx

  4. 17/3/11 09:28

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    with my ds i got a positive opk for 5days in a row a few days after i'd ovulated i thought i was ovulating again but after 5days of positives i thought it can't be that then i stopped testing and hpt were coming up negative so i couldn't understand what was going on and i didn't get my positive hpt untill day af was due and i'd been testing i've read a few women this has happened to so it is possible for it to happen. fingers crossed its your bfp hun xxxxx

  5. 17/3/11 09:07

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    morning hun, it sounds like u could defo be pregnant. Can u not do a test this morning? xxxx

  6. 16/3/11 23:27

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    I will do a HPT to confirm tho i do think very unlikely i did conceive last month...reason being i had heavy period like normal for 4-5 days so def wasn't a implantation bleed.

    I have been having really bad bloating and cramps...last few days...wonder what it could be...!

    Its weird how evrey1 wants to see a smiley face on their ovulation test...and i wana see a empty circle as the smiley face is doing head in nw.

    I know this is silly....but i was thinking when i put the test stick into the tester could i have left some pee in the tester for it to keep coming bak as a smiley ...even though i put new stick in everyday could i still have pee frm previously in there  that says im ovulating.dont know if that maks any sense but thought id ask as was thinking that erlier!!



  7. 16/3/11 21:14

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    Your af is due in exactly a week then for a 24 day cycle, but anyway if an opk is picking up the pregnancy hormone a hpt will and like i tried to explain before it wouldnt be to earlier as sounds like you could have fallen the previous month thats what the other posters mean so u actually could already be pregnant which has no effect on this cycle so wont matter if u waited it would still show if it was gonna be a bfp, hope this makes sense as u havent fallen this month its the previous one if u have that is?
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