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FET a 5 day blastocyst- 6 days post transfer!! anyone else in a sim position?

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  3. FET a 5 day blastocyst- 6 days post transfer!! anyone else in a sim position?

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9/3/11 17:58

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This is our second chance at IVF- 1 embryo transferred at 2 days in november 2009. Currently holding out home that this one may work!! I am experiencing lots of cramps and nausea just started today? Who knows what is going on in there!! any one else in the same boat?xx
  1. 2/4/11 07:34

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    Ofcourse its normal to feel down about things occasionally- there are so many variables and worries concerned with every stage. Its hard to keep positive. However you only have to look at the success stories and realise that if it works- which is a possibility it will be marvellous. I have made an appointment to discuss things at the clinic- in 10 days time and things seem good between DH and me- it puts an enormous strain on the relationship when ttc doesn't it! We have found it more difficult than I think we realised- looking back. I am still very tearful when I see babies in the supermarket etc!! It doesn't seem fair! I have a few concerns- don't know if anyone else has experienced this- had a bleed 4 days after the test- heavy for 1 day and then just petered off for about 5 days- AF came back 2 days ago- really large clots?? Is this normal?? Any stories welcome xx C xx
  2. 29/3/11 11:11

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    Thank you.  Ill keep checking in to see how you are doing.  I was so positive about it all but having a few non-positive days at the moment but its all expected i suppose.  .

    Take care x

  3. 27/3/11 17:18

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    Will do Nicky, tbh i am feeling the pressure from all angles at the moment- just so so much going on in every aspect of my life!!! need some time to re-cover and move forward for sure! Good luck with your journey xx
  4. 24/3/11 14:29

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    Oh god like you needed that.  I had it the other month from KFC and it was horrendious!

    Keep us posted on your next move. xx

  5. 24/3/11 10:18

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    Thanks guys, we have just been hit with food poisoning that's affected most of our family! It has almost completely wiped me out!! I feel a bit better today but can hardly keep any food in! Not what we needed! Thanks for all the support! I couldn't have gone through the last few weeks without you xx good luck with all of you xx esp sarah kate with your wonderful gift of twins xx I will pm you xx
  6. 22/3/11 10:12

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    Hi Claribo.  Just wanted to pop in and say how so sorry i am to hear your news.  But as the others say dont give up. 

    Thinking of your lots. xx

  7. 21/3/11 17:10

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    Hi Clairibo hope you are ok honey and your husband and you manage to have a chat about where to go from here and decide what is best for you, it is difficult making the decision to carry on after such disapppointment believe me we had many lengthly discussions that didn't always have the outcome I wanted....lol.

    It's great that these site are abut that we can all talk to one another and get that wee glimmer of hope that it could happen for you one day.

    Take care honey and be gentle on yourself.


  8. 21/3/11 15:19

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    Bless you hun, I am glad my story has given you light at the end of the tunnel,  I am definitely proof that you shouldn't give up!! Stay strong hun, you can do it - trust me, the courage comes from nowhere to find you and pull you through. I am sure after you and dh give yourselves time to grieve and come to terms with this sad loss, you will both be back with your fighting, determined heads on, ready to give this another go. If you need anything, or just a chat or rant, please feel free to PM me. Thinking of you hun xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. 20/3/11 19:16

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    Thanks Sarah, its such a shame but you went through worse before your good news so I feel that there is some light at the end of the tunnel. I don't think DH really wants us to go through full IVF again but we will talk and see what happens! Xxxxxxx
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