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  1. 16/8/09 19:00

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    Hi hun, my pair are 5mths now and i have one very smiley happy people person baby and one very serious shy clingy mummys girl! They have both been raised the same so i have no idea as to why the are so different lol. x

  2. 9/8/09 21:26

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    Thanks for the replies - it helps to know that it is not just my two that are like that!

  3. 9/8/09 14:27

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    My boys are 18 months now and they were like that as babies, like the previous post says dont let it put u off, still go out and about i just told people not to make a fuss of them.

    Even now they can be extremely picky, they scream when the mother in law comes round(maybe they can sense evil ha ha!!) if anyone comes into our house i have to announce who it is and divert their attention and not make such a big deal of visitors. Again like pp says they used to climb up me to get away from people?!?!?

    They are getting better over time, on the odd occasion they will say hello to strangers other time people cant even smile at them and they cry......god only knows why?!?!?

    I wouldnt worry too much. i just plodded along and over time they have got better

    Hope u are all well



  4. 8/8/09 21:15

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    hi, my twin were very shy and didn';t like strangers until they were around 2.  They used to clamber all over me when i visited friends, screaming on and off.  Hated being held by other people.  They are now much more sociable, speak to people when spoken to and smile and laugh etc around strangers. Just keep visiting people don't let it put you off, maybe get these people to take a step back. for a bit.

    Weird why to descibe this but!!  My dd had like 2 circles around her, people she sort of knew would get through the first circle and only me, her twin bro, uncle, granny and pops (grandad) were allowed in the other closed to her circle.  If any of the circles were entered by someone she didn't know well or a stranger that was it total screaming match.  So I explained this to anyone that saw them, such as my friends etc and gradually she let them in as they didn't invade her space/  Hope that makes sense lol!

  5. 8/8/09 20:57

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    Hi ladies, I was wondering if any of you are/have experienced your lo's being a bit unsociable? My 2 were 6wks early and we were recommended at the hospital to not handle them too much as that is when they grow, so we continued with that when we came home, plus the fact there are two of them I can't sit and cuddle them all day.

    We find that when we visit relatives on a weekend they seem to cry a lot and I'm sure it's because they don't like being handled too much. We even bought an extra bouncy chair today to leave at my mums and we also took the play mat with us too which seemed to help a little. They don't like lots of noise either (quite a few relatives go to my mums at the same time each Saturday) and during the week they are with me on our own a lot. Is this something they will grow out of soon as I'm sure all my family think I have 2 very whingy babies? I am going to try and go to some groups and things soon to get them more used to noise/people. Any other suggestions are welcomed xxx

    They are 12wks 1day

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