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Childs First Passport

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  1. 18/5/10 19:00

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    Claire although I know they can be changed with a court order, in this case it would not be relevant as the holiday is in a few weeks. Besides that, why would you want to remove his name. Would you want to look at your birth certificate and see a blank space for father's name? Just because it makes life easier for you it is unfair on a child to do something like that.

  2. 18/5/10 16:10

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    Do you have the small birth cert for your child?  That one just lists place of birth and not parents as far as I know, you can send that one off without giving his details and they will still accept it.

    But you dont need him to sign it anyways, just put his details.


    (To poster who said birth certs cant be changed, they can.  But it takes a court order or removal of PR to get fathers name taken off it... but you can amend or add a fathers name at any time - in the UK there is now no time limit to adding names)

  3. 17/5/10 22:32

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    if the father is on the birth cert all u need to do is fill in his details but dont worry about having their passport number or getting them to sign, ive just got my dd's passport and her dad is on the cert so i just had to put his name down but they werent bothered about anything else, they said its more if the father goes for the passport then they need the mum to sign but not other way round

  4. 17/5/10 20:05

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    If the father is on the birth certificate then as far as I know he needs to sign the passport forms as well. (DD has a dutch passport so not 100% sure if it is the same for English but I think it is)

    You need the full birth certificate for a passport and that can't be changed when both parents are on. At the moment DD has a passport but I have the same worries for when in 3 years this passport runs out with being able to contact her dad etc.

    I do believe there is the option of going through the courts if needing a passport and the other parent is not found but you wouldnt manage that one in 4 weeks either.

    Contact the passport office directly and ask for advise.

  5. 17/5/10 18:39

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    The website would help wouldn't it? lol


    Sorry if it isn't clicky, you'll have to copy and paste it (and I hope it works lol).

  6. 17/5/10 18:38

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    Are you saying you want a new full passport without the father's details on ... or did the people at the registry office say they needed the father's signature or something to get a copy of the birth certificate?

    If you want a new one without the father's details on, then they are right. You cannot get him taken off like that. If they are saying they need the father's permission again, I don't think that's right.

    Are you in England? If yes, there is a website where you can put in your postcode and it will give you details about getting a copy of a birth certificate. Sometimes you can apply for one by post so wont need to go in person.

  7. 17/5/10 14:24

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    A birth certificate is a legal document and cannot be changed. Not sure what impact that has on passports, try phoning the passport office to see what problems it causes and how to get round them, I doubt you're the first to loose track of an absent father so they must have proceedures in place, good luck.

  8. 17/5/10 13:24

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    hello everyone

    i just wondered if i could get some info about applying for my sons passprt...

    when he was born his father and i registered him, so his fathers name is on his standard birth cert....i tried this morning getting his passport with the standard birth cert and was told i need the full one...

    at the registry office they said as his fathers name is on the first birth cert he has to be on the full birth cert..

    is this true????? is there a way around it????

    what happens if i cnt hold of him???

    im so worried as we are going on holiday next month and i have get his passport i should have sorted this ages ago



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