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what are the rules with benefits and having a partner stay over

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  3. what are the rules with benefits and having a partner stay over
  1. 12/3/11 12:51

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    job centre advisors told my friend her boyfriend can stay over as much as he likes as long as he doesnt contribute financially to the home.

    From what i am aware you cannot get done for benefit fraud if you have proof you are living seperately, however dwp can stop your income support if they feel that your df can support you. well thats what i saw on a tv documentry about benefit fraud anyway.

    hth x

  2. 10/3/11 20:59

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    There is legislation out there, its just trying to access it

    Like at the moment, even people who require overnight care have to jump through hoops. Even when several carers are used, lol, and the claimant has to provide evidence that overnight care is required, and details of carers. Even when the care has been arranged by SS, the person has a hard time. The reason, because the person who needs care has regular overnight guests.

    Now read this, under séxual relations


     At this point let’s put to rest the urban myth that your boyfriend or girlfriend is allowed to stay 3 nights a week. That delusion has resulted in misery for many claimants. LTAHAW can be determined even where the two people concerned never stay together under the same roof but where strong evidence has been obtained from the other signposts.
    Then read under Public Appearance.

    Hope this clears it up once and for that there is no 3 night rule, lol. Its a myth.

  3. 10/3/11 19:54

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    what did the housing benefits / benefits say ..that you are allowed a partner to stay xx amounts of nights ...a single person claims benefits because they are supposed to be that ...

    i was investigated yrs ago they even sat out side in a car in the street  as someone reportedly saw my now ex visiting at night after his work ..  but to them he was staying overnight ...when he went home evry night ... the bus driver confirmed to them that he went home at night on last bus

    i was told No nights ...it was ok for relations friends to stay but not someone i was in a relationship with

    i wish they would print it on the gov website and would calrify what they class as ok

  4. 10/3/11 08:23

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    hi kibs, i know u was not, i can understand where ur coming from, i have now contacted the jobcentre, housing benefits etc, and got clarification from them, on what my rights are........I appricaite all your guys help on this topic and other posts i have posted over the last 6 years ,,,,,,,,

  5. 9/3/11 23:57

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    Lisa, I apologise I wasn't trying to say you were frauding the system.

    The ruling is there because it is easy for couples to say they are living apart when they are not. A couple who are together, but because of work purposes have to live miles apart, so have 2 bills of everything could say well I only go home at weekend. Both partners work, but the one with the kids claim tc as a single parent. They cannot do it, it is  classed as benefit fraud. So for scenarios such as this and thousands others there is no he can stay xx amount of nights, its a myth.

    THe problem with dealing with advisors over the phone is that they are not necessarily trained in all areas of the system. Hence either you will get put on hold, or told to put the change in writing. It could be that person is new lol. This is one of the reasons my friend no longer works in the investigation department, several abusive people when caught peeved because they had gotten advice over the phone.... Plus over the phone isn't concrete evidence, so always double check and ask for in writing.

    The system will continue to get more worse, and more crack downs made because of cutbacks coming into place, and the amount of people recently who have been charged with Income support related fraud.

    Finally, to make absolutly certain, write to them. Tell them that you have a regular over night guest. It is a change of circumstance and the only way these can be reported is in writing. Don't rely on over the phone, you can never proof what you called for.

  6. 9/3/11 22:10

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    I got a letter from tax credits questioning if my single status had changed. I rang them straight up, explained that yes, I was still single in that sense but my bf who lives 100 miles from me stayed every other weekend (ish). She asked if he contributed to my house in anyway, which he doesn't. The lady on the phone was happy with this, I have continued to be paid my tax credits. So, in my thinking, yes, people can stay over... But everyone gets told different things by the looks of it...
  7. 9/3/11 21:22

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    everyone keeps getting told difernt answers on this ..i was told if you cooked him a meal, even  his toothbrush or clothes were at your house .he would be classed as living with you /in a relationship

  8. 8/3/11 20:47

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    thank u for ur help, i am not trying to scam the benefit systems that why i have posted on here because where i have been single and therefore needed clarification on the rules, i am trying to get back to work asap

  9. 8/3/11 20:36

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    You are not allowed regular guests. Have a meal,get a bit randy, stay the night once in a while, that's fine... Regular occurrence, not allowed... If this allowed then thousands of couples would declare themselves as single when the other partner works away and is only home for the weekend.. This is how a friend,who used to investigate fraud explained it. They too would have separate tenancies and everything
  10. 8/3/11 19:54

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    forgot to say he does not contribute to my household or any of my bills etc

  11. 8/3/11 19:44

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    firstly let me say sorry i not posted on here for a long while, since i last posted i have met someone we are engage which brings me to the reason of posting , as am seroiously confused,

    here is the dilima:

    basically i am on income support and gets housing benefit and council tax benefits as stated above i am now engage but my partner does not live with me, but he comes to stay two nights a week, anyway i was told up the school by another parent to watch my back as i could get in trouble with the socail n council as you are not allowed anyone to stay with you if your on income support  anyway i was under the impression that u are allowed someone to stay up to three nights , without it being a problem, so i am just wondering if any of you been through this or know of the ruling etc as i came across this online on another forum which i came across when googling my rights,


    "thanks for your reply. have now phoned the jobcentre who say that if you are on IS or HB there is no actual number of nights per week someone is allowed to stay. they say its a misconception that its 3 nights only allowed. if your partner/boyfriend does not pay towards any household bills and has his own address and does not obviously live with you but just comes round for dinner and then stays the night, then you are ok. they did say that dont be surprised if somebody reports you and you get a visit but they would investigate the whole picture and not just stop your benefit. hope this is of help for anyone else."

    it was from someone querying the same as myself.

    i would appricaite any help on this matter as i am so confused, oviously in time he will move in but i want to get a job before he moves in as i dont want him covering my bills


    cheers lisa


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