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child passport without no father permission???

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  1. 29/1/12 08:28

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    You dont need their permission, my ex husband didnt sign anything for our little boys passport i done it on my own,
  2. 28/1/12 23:13

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    My mom had the same issue when I was younger, don't worry about it. She just put "Absent Father" in brackets on the form and they didn't really care, they looked over the form when we handed it in, they asked if there was any way we could contact him and we said no and that was that. No problems with it so I'm sure you'll be able to obtain one virtually hassle free.
  3. 26/1/12 20:36

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    hi, my sisters little boys dad is on his birth certificate but he has no contact, she has got her little boy a passport, so i dont think its an issue, she couldnt put any of his dads details down as she doesnt know any of them, she knows nothing of him.

  4. 24/1/12 19:41

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    Hello, I am a single mum and I got my 2 children's passports in the summer. I filled out the father bit. But he don't have a valid passport and never gave me permission, I never asked either and he's on both birth certificates but there wasn't a problem it took about 4 weeks to get their passports. x
  5. 16/1/12 19:16

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    My DS's dad is named on his birth certificate and I spoke to the passport agency before sending off the application saying I don't have anyway to contact him to get his passport number to fill the form in completely.  They told me to put a letter in with the application to state I have no contact with him and it worked 2 weeks later I got DS's passport back so we can go away this year xx

  6. 12/1/12 21:27

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    I did not fill out the fathers details on my sons passport application, but then he is not on the birth certificate either.


    You could just fill it in and if there is a problem they will contact you and tell you . (like when i forgot to sign it, they rang me and said it was being returned)

    or you could ring them first and ask what you need to do.

  7. 12/1/12 20:11

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    hi all

    i am not a single mum but i use to be and my 1st little girl is 6 years ols and we want to take her to disney land and i havent got no wy of contacting the father he is on the birth certificate i got married last year and last year got my daughters name changed so she would have the same name with the fathers permission but he would not give any information just his works address and thats it he hasnt seen her at all he shows no interest at all and my husband is her father as far as she is concerned he does not want to know the real father it was a fight for him to be put on the birth certificate for him to come with me i wish i never bothered now. is there anyway not puting fathers name on the passport application???kelly

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